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Kalimdor: The Aftermath - Changelog 0.27b


GrimmHeart Darksbane
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Hello fellow brigands, here's the changelog for the KTA version made by @RedPandaLT and @Julian :

Kalimdor : The Aftermath - Changelog 0.27b


- All Shops take now only 20 seconds to build down from 60
- Small terrain changes and more creeps added to the map

Item Changes:
- Bloodhoof Runespear can be dropped now
- Shalamayne can be dropped now

Thrall's Horde
- Decimate duration reduced to 2 seconds from 5, primary damage reduced to 75 /150 and secondary damage to 50/75
- Reduced Decimate casting range to 400 from 700
- Nerfed goblin turret attack cooldown to 1.50 from 0.20
- Might of the Horde cooldown up to 20 from 0
- Warlords start with 100 Mana
- Nerfed might of the Horde armor gain to 2/4/6/8
- Nazgrim got a base armor of 4 now
- Increased Overcharge attackspeed buff to 80/100% but it will drain health now
- Blackfuse starts with a base armor of 3
- Zaela starts with a base Armor of 3
- Thrall no longer has Command Aura

Barren's Horde
- Decreased Stampede damage by 10 per beast to 30/50 from 40/60
- Increased Mana cost from Mass Unholy Frenzy to 175 from 85
- Decreased Summon Void Walker mana cost to 75 from 110
- Crossroads may now research faction paths
- Varok got Whirlwind on Q

Darkspear Trolls
- Nerfed Voodoo Protection to 2/4/6/8 duration to 20seconds and cooldown to 30


- Willden Marshal event should trigger now bring Jaina near the Un'Goro Hunter Camp and he shall spawn

- Changed Totem of corruption gold and lumber to 125/50 up from 5/5

- Shandris now has Multishot
- Tyrande now has Starfall and Rally Sentinels on T
- Empowered Tyrande lost Silver Arrow but now has Rally sentinels and Starfall as Ultimate

The Burning Legion
- Unlocking the next Seal takes now 3 minutes instead of 5 minutes
- Reduced jailer splash full dmg area 50 -> 25 , medium 150-> 75 small 250-125

The Old Gods
- Both Emperors have worker item

- Reduced Zandalari House gold cost to 10 from 30

Epic War Link: Kalimdor: The Aftermath 0.27a - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com
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Thank you for updating this map, i think that it could be my most loved strategie map (currently it is LTF).
I play always full hero snipe late game and try to gather the relic but here come the issue where it is actually my least loved map, the unit LAG. I know that it is a silly thing to point out and that you have probably do all that it is in your power to reduce it but i just want to say that this is only reason why i don't enjoy it. Going with this lag and my play style ("heavy" on mirco) is realy frustrating.
I don't know if you can fix it but anyway here is my feedback.