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KTA Event List


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I know Ardenaso had one before. I decided to create it myself complete

Current Point About editing it does go more slowly since Exams and real life do Keep me and Panda quite busy but i found the time to create a Event List. If i miss anything feel free to Point it out

- Alliances are unlocked after 20 Minutes
- Faction Paths are unlocked after 20 Minutes
- After 20 Minutes Dargul and Eyir will spawn in Highmountain and Stormheim
- May create the Essence of Creation when uniting all Pillars in Uldum

Thrall’s Horde

- Will receive 300 Gold and Wood and 2 Warmills in Ashenvale upon the Destruction of Astraanar
- Will receive 300 Gold and Wood upon the Destruction of Theramore
- Can free Baine from Desolace unlocking him as Hero and turning Cairne unrevivable
Garroshs Reformation:
- After 20 Minutes Garrosh can takeover the Horde empowering your Units ,unallying Yellow and Orange gets option to join you
- Reforming will grant you Goblin Bases all over Kalimdor and you will get Gallywix and his Goblins.
- When Orange joins Yellow you will become a Solo Faction and can get Zaela and her Dragonmaw Clan
- Can reinforce Ogrimmar adding new Towers and a Gate when Garrosh takesover
- Can unlock Blackfuse who will empower your goblin spells
Thralls Legacy:
- After 20 Minutes you can research Thralls Legacy empowering your casters and Far Seer.
- Can get Highmountain Taurens after researching it
- After taking the Temple of Earth you can get Rehgar Earthfury and Elementalist
- Will get Varok when Orange goes Burning Blade or loose him as True Rebellion

Barrens Horde

- Will receive 300 Gold and Lumber upon the Destruction of Northwatch
- Rexxar may take over Stonemaul granting Ogre Warrior , Mages and Champions (will loose upon them when Red takes Thralls Legacy)
- Can send Hunters to Ashenvale , Stormheim and Dustwallow Marsh granting Beastmaster
- Will receive 100 gold and 100 wood when killing one of the Elite Beasts and unlock a ability on Beastmasters
- Can conquer Dire Maul granting Orhan Ogreblade as a demi and a base inside Dire Maul
Burning Blade
- Can become the Burning Blade and unlocking Warlocks, Blademasters ,Archwarlocks and Neeru Fireblade. You will loose all your current heroes and can ally the Burning Legion
True Rebellion
- Can go True Rebellion when Red did do Thralls Legacy.
True Rebellion: Will get a stronger Army. You will loose Rexxar but receive Garrosh, Nazgrim and Malkorok when you have Varok still he is unrevivable and will go to red when he dies
- Can call for Zaela and the Dragonmaw Clan when you are True Rebellion
True Horde
- Can decide at any townhall to join Yellow or Red when Garroshs Reformation happens
-When joining Yellow your Faction wont change
- When joining Red your heroes will be replaced with Malkorok and Hadromm you keep Varok
- Malkorok can take over the Burning Blade allowing Blademaster training
Darkspear Tribe

- Will get a Base on Alcaz after destroying the Base there
- After 20 minutes you can call for Rokhan
Zandalari Alliance:
May ally with the Zandalari unlocking Zandalari Champions that replace Warlords and a new Hero Surkhan
Can summon Bwonsamdi with Voljin at the Necropolis
Darkspear Rebellion
- When Orange joins Red you will get Sylvanas and Forsaken Units
- You will get Baine Thunderbluff and Taurens when Garrosh Reformation happens


- Can empower Tyrande at the Temple of Elune in Teldrassil when she is level 10 and you have the broken isles temple of elune
- May ally the Alliance removing Shandris and unallying Teal
- Can restore the Moonguard when controlling the Moonguard Building in the Broken Isles will replace Assassins with Magisters
- May liberate Suramar when controlling the City

-After 10 Minutes you can get research the Wardens receiving a base in the Broken Isles Warden elites, new Watcher Units and Maiev as Hero


- Will get Nordrassil when Moonglade survived 10 minutes otherwise a delay of 6 minutes
- Can unlock Chimaera when Fandral goes close to there Roost under Nordrassil
- Will get Mar’alith when a Unit comes close to Cenarion Hold
- Will get 300 Gold and Wood when killing C’thun.

Cleansing Fandral:
- Can cleanse Fandral when controlling Nordrassil Shaladrassil and Teldrassil. Receiving new Elites and a empower on your Units
- Can wake up Malfurion after Fandral is cleansed (Fandral will become unrevivable)
- Malfurion can revive Remulos when he dies
-Fandral will get +5 Stats
- Can go Nightmare when controlling Nordrassil Shaladrassil and Teldrassil. Betraying Blue and unlocking new Units.
- Can take over the Eye of Ysera unlocking Nightmare Drakes
- Fandral can summon Xavius after Nightmare
- Xavius can corrupt Remulos
-Fandral will get +5 Stats

-Will get 300 Gold and Wood when destroying Crossroads
-Can unlock Wilden Marshal when Jaina goes near the Marshal Stand in Un’Goro
-After 10 Minutes can unlock Bael Modan granting a new base and a Dwarven Hero will also replace Knights with Bear Riders
Silver Covenant
-After 20 Minutes you can unlock The Silver Covenant granting a new High Elf Unit Tier , Vereesa as Hero and Trueshot Lodge on the Broken Isles
-After 20 Minutes you can get Dalaran when you researched Silver Covenant.
Dalaran will grant you Khadgar as Hero , new Elites and replace your Priests with Clerics

Kul Tiras

- Will get 300 Gold and Wood upon the destruction of Ogrimmar
- Will get a Base and a Demi when destroying the Echo Isles
- After 10 Minutes you can unlock Zerx Hydromon from Northwatch
- After 20 Minutes you can unlock Stormwind Reinforcements granting Units , Ships and Varian as Hero in Boralus.
- After Stormwind Reinforcements you can research Druisburg granting Sky Admiral Roges and Skybreaker as Airship
- Can travel with Varian to Onyxia Lair spawning Onyxia and receiving Shalamayne after killing her
Gilneas Brigade
-Can become the Gilnean Brigade after Stormwind Reinforcements granting new Units , Elites , 2 Bases in the Broken Isles and Genn Greymane as new Hero

Old Gods:
- After 5 Minutes you can leave Ahn'Qiraj
- After 10 Minutes you can get Cho’gall turning your two starting Heroes unrevivable
- Will get a Base when going with a Unit close to Deeproad (base is left to Toroks Bluff)
Twilight Hammer:
- Can go Twilight Hammers after Cho’gall replacing most of your Units with Ogres or Orcs and spawning Units in Desolace , Uldum and a Base in Hyjal
- Can unlock the Might of the Gordunni when controlling Dire Maul. Cho’gall will get a Shard of Power and the Item Gordunni Orb will drop in Dire Maul
- Can research Blackfanthom Deeps when Twilight Hammers did happen and both emperors are dead receiving a Base near Darkshore and Twilight Lord Bathiel
- Cho’gall can summon Soggoth when going to the Pillar in Darkshore
- Can summon Deathwing when Cho’gall is level 15 and near the Maelstrom

Burning Legion:

- Can choose at the start to create a base in Hyjal or Dire Maul
- Can choose at the start between 3 Satyr Princes and will get other two as demi
- Satyr Prince can corrupt Moonglade granting +2 Levels
- Can get a small reinforcements of Demons when going close to the Felwood Demon creeps
- Can drain Nordrassil allowing it to increase Hero levels by 1 for a short time
- Can after 20 Minutes call for Dread Admiral Eliza
Shadow Council:
- Can kill the Paladin Trey in Felwood when going close to his spawn with blight allowing you to unlock Shadow Council
- Shadow Council will grant Fel’dan and new Buildings + Casters
- Can get Skovald and Vrykul Units when a Hero gets to level 10
Satyr Levels
Choosen Satyr Levels will provide bonus with certain levels he gets at
level 5: Caster bonus
Level 7: Unlock Shadow Council
Level 9: Vrykuls and Meele Bonus
Level 12: Range bonus
Level 15 Legion summon
Choosen Satyr Prince can summon the Legion at Level 15


- Can get Zar’jira and her Murlocs after 20 Minutes
- After 10 Minutes you can become the Illidari when you control the Vault of the Wardens unlocking and replacing most of your Units with Demonhunters , Draenei or Coilscar Naga Units
- Can choose between Altruis and Kayn as main Hero => Main Hero becomes revivable
- Can unlock the Felhammer a flyable Airship where you can also unlock 2 Demi Heroes after Research
- Can get Illidan when being inside Suramar
- Can discover the Sargerite Keystone allowing a teleport to multiple Teleportation Stones inside the Map also a teleport to Argus
Council of Black Harvest
- Can approach Kira Iresoul and get aid from the Council of Black Harvest when Illidan is alive and the Legion destroyed. Black Council will grant you Kanrethad and Archwarlocks


- Can after 20 Minutes plant the Arcan’dor allowing a speical upgrade turning you into a solo faction
- May restore after 20 Minutes Eldre’thalas when controlling Dire Maul receiving Tortheldrin and Illisanya is alive
Ally Paths:
- Can ally Legion removing Thalryssa and replacing her with Tichonidrius and will spawn a Legion Embassy inside Suramar
- Can ally the Nightelves removing Elisande and Tortheldrin and you will get Mordent Evershade and keep Thalyrssa


- Can call for Gahz’rilla in her pool after finishing the Research
Grand Empire of Zuldazar
- After 20 Minutes you can restore the Grand Empire granting you Royal Warships and Rastakhan
- You can enslave the Goblins allowing you to pillage the Lumbermarkets with Rastakhan and granting you a Base in the mid Island
- Can send a offer to ally the Darkspear when they accept you will loose Gahz’rilla
Blood Trolls
-After 30 Minutes can become Blood Trolls under Ghuun replacing all your heroes with Zul (blood troll version) Xargosh and the Grand Mother
-When Zul gets to level 10 and the 3 spawned Loas on Zandalar are dead you can summon Ghuun
-When Ghuun dies your faction will perma die
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I think you keep Orhan as BB
As Nightmare you can/have to capture Eye of Ysera for Nightmare Drakes
"- Can choose between Altruis and Kayn as main Hero" =>Main hero becomes revivable


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will the terrain of Kul Tiras and Zandalar change to how it looks in BFA?


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small note updated List a bit to suit more the current version