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Name: Leiah
Titles: Queen of the Seelie Court, Winter Queen, Fey Queen
Age: Immortal
Race: Archfey
The races of fey are split between two courts: the Seelie Court and the Unseelie Court. The Fey's shared origin is in one way originating from the two opposing powers of Holy and Unholy. The Unseelie court are primarily highly malevolent fey creatures with ill intents for other forms of life. The Fey of the Seelie Court are not naturally evil, but they are still generally manipulative, cunning, and mischievous. The Seelies live in the Dreamworld which is often known simply as the Seelie Realm or Seelie Glade. In this realm time flows much slower, thus allowing the Seelies to potentially live for thousands of years, which is the case of the current Queen, Leiah. Even so, she is only considered to be in her teen years as far as Seelie lifetimes are concerned. Like all Seelies, Leiah too cannot lie. But despite that, the Seelies have well learned to tell half-truths or use evasive and distraction tactics to avoid telling the truth if it doesn't suit their narrative. Leiah has accepted the call of Malum for the purpose of having him destroy her enemies on her home world once Avgoth is conquered, as the Seelies are well known for changing sides to whatever is most likely to grant them the results they seek.

  • Juxtaposition - Leiah can manifest illusions into reality. These illusions take twice as much damage as Leiah and deal 10% of her damage. Illusions are otherwise completely real and impossible to make out, as they manifest as a physical entity. A maximum of 8 illusions can be active at a time.
  • Illusionary Bolt - Fires an illusionary projectile. If it strikes a target, then they will experience a few moments of dizziness as their mind wanders off into a dreamy state. Once the projectile finishes traveling, a Juxtaposition may be summoned.
  • Afterimage - Performs a fast paced dash through a desired target and leaving behind a Juxtaposition. This ability also serves as a quick engage or disengage tool.
  • Dreamworld - Leiah escapes into the dreamworld and leaves behind a Juxtaposition at her point of escape, in the exact state that Leiah was before departure. The dream is broken after Leiah performs any interactive action. Her movement speed is greatly increased while walking in the Dreamworld. The dreamworld contains all land that Leiah herself has discovered before. With great concentration she can relocate to another location in the Dreamworld instantly.
  • Field of Illusions - When Leiah performs an attack, there is a 12.5% chance to summon a Juxtaposition in a location near Leiah.
  • Reality - Enables Leiah to instantly swap positions with a target in sight. The sight requirement is removed if the target is a Juxtaposition created by Leiah, Leiah herself or The Perfect Clone.
  • Recall - Allows Leiah to recall herself, The Perfect Clone or one or more Juxtapositions to her current location.
  • Disguise - Leiah, The Perfect Clone or any Juxtapositions created by her can change their appearance, voice and smell and even the energy or aura they emit into any desired form.
  • Dreamer - Enables her to suppress the concept of reality in a limiting way and thus bypass various laws it applies on her. This can manifest in numerous ways, such as inventing objects, magic, relocating to other positions, fading from reality into the dreamworld and much more.
  • Dream Walk - Leiah is capable of moving and attacking without causing any sound.
  • Lucidity - Leiah can bring The Perfect Clone back to life by meditating for 1 hour.
  • Nightmare - Sends a target into another realm for a limited time and keeps them trapped there to deal with whatever dangers may await. The dreamworld is in fact real, but is summoned from the dreams of herself or someone else. Requires physical contact with the target.
  • Return To The Roots - Outside of battle, Leiah can travel alone into the Elder World. In this realm, Leiah can safely mend her wounds with the aid of the Ancients.
  • The Perfect Clone - In a given moment, Leiah summons forth a Perfect Clone. Only one Perfect Clone can ever exist. The Perfect Clone can use all of Leiah's abilities and has a separate life from her own. If The Perfect Clone dies, then Leiah can summon it back. If Leiah dies, then The Perfect Clone remains alive, but it cannot summon Leiah back.
  • Lucid Dream (ultimate) - Leiah is capable of sending itself and the desired targets (requires level 3 to send more than 1 target) into the Dreamworld. The amount of allies and enemies of Leiah must always be equal. Even if a person dies, the number of allies and enemies must be equalized anew by removing someone from this Dream.
  • Memory Embodiment (ultimate) - Allows her to become the physical manifestation or personification of memory, they can become more powerful when they remember something or people rely on their memories. At its highest level, she can transform into a being of memory or dreams, but looses her other abilities, she must choose between Sweet Dreams or Beautiful Nightmare.

  • Seelie - Like all Seelies, Leiah too cannot lie. But despite that, the Seelies have well learned to tell half-truths or use evasive and distraction tactics to avoid telling the truth if it doesn't suit their narrative.
  • Fey Curse - For a short time, this curse forces the Fey Curse upon a target, forcing them to speak only the truth.
  • Desolation - Enables Leiah to gain power and deliver critical strikes on every attack as long as no other beings are near her target. Critical strikes deal 30% additional damage to the target.
  • Spirit Guide - Summon an invisible faerie that will follow after the target indefinitely, until it strikes the target or is stopped through other means, the faerie leaves behind a trail of magic as it chases the enemy. Leiah and her Illusions can move faster while following this trail. When shadow dagger finally hits its target, vines will sprout from the faerie and try to subdue the target.
  • Dispersion - Allows Leiah to deflect a portion of any damage she takes onto all nearby enemies. Alternatively, all of the damage can be dispersed onto a single specific target.
  • Mind Vision - Allows her to place a spell on a target that allows her mind to trace them across very wide distances. A total of 5 targets can be affected at any time.
  • Mind Parasite - Places a seed of corruption into a target which affects their mind. The seed can inflict devastating effects upon her target from inside out. Using Mind Parasite, she is also capable of starting a battle of mind and will with an infected target, forcing them to fight against her through the mind. A total of 5 targets can be affected at any time. Requires physical contact with the target.
  • Song of the Archfey - Leiah sings or hums a melody that can be of any desired frequency, meaning it can be performed at frequencies so that beings can hear it or at low or high pitched notes that are unable to be heard consciously by most beings. The song can also be directed to only strike at a specific angle, for example, only those in front of Leiah. In either case, the magical melody places all those who perceive the melody in a hallucinative state that allows Leiah to manipulate their 5 senses. In short, this can be understood as Illusion magic cast through sound as a medium.
  • Aspect of Nature - Leiah is able to manipulate the nature surrounding herself, this allows her to sprout forth vines, trees, branches from the earth, mold the earth itself, manipulate winds, communicate with nature and other means that utilize the Nature present. This is not Elemental Manipulation, it only utilizes the nature that already exists.
  • Haunt (ultimate) - Allows her to manifest a Haunting Illusion before every creature that is affected by Mind Vision or Mind Parasite. The Haunting Illusions benefit from Desolation and Dispersion and deals 50% of Leiah's damage.

Winter Queen (each Leiah and Perfect Clone chooses one):
  • Winter Queen - Leiah is the Winter Queen of the Ugura Continent. Her skin is cold and pale, her breath always chillingly cold. Leiah has access to all common frost abilities.
  • Breath of Cold - A burst of chilling cold is unleashed in front of Leiah, chilling and potentially freezing those caught.
  • Ice Needless - A quick spell that launches one or more tiny ice needless at a target.
  • Cone of Cold - A freezing cone of cold unleashed in front of Leiah.
  • Chilling Touch - Allows Leiah to very rapidly cool anything he touches and inflicts them with a sense of imminent dread, a beckoning of death that is difficult to shake off. If not stopped, this ability can quickly freeze an opponent and cause them to die.
  • Winterland - The area around Leiah begins to snow.
  • Snowstorm - Gathers her energy and creates a violent snowstorm on the battlefield.
  • Temperature Drop - Leiah is capable of cooling down the area surrounding her, steadily dropping the temperature.
  • Ice Block - Surrounds herself completely in sturdy ice to protect herself from harm.
  • Diamond Skin - Creates a layer of ice on desired parts of her skin to increase her defenses against incoming attacks.
  • Ice Construction - Uses the power of ice to create a desired object made of pure ice.
  • Impetus - Summons forth a large lance made of very sturdy ice. Those struck by the weapon will suffer chilling effects. If Impetus is thrown, the collision damage increases the longer Impetus travels before hitting a target.

Pact of the Old One (each Leiah and Perfect Clone chooses one):
  • Shadowball - Leiah summons forth a shadow sphere in her hands and hurls it towards a target. If a target is hit by the Shadowball, then the ball erupts into violent shadow flames that persist on the target, burning them persistently. These flames are difficult to dispose of through normal means.
  • Shadow Mist - Surrounds the battlefield in a dark mist of shadow magic. This darkness blocks vision of everyone (ally and foe), except Leiah and her clones.
  • Shadow Barrier - Summons an engulfing barrier of shadow magic on a desired target to help protect against incoming damage.
  • Shadow Bolt - Fires a projectile of shadow energy at a target.
  • Shadow Bolt Volley - Summons forth a larger amount of smaller Shadow Bolts to launch towards a target.
  • Shadow Arrow - A shadow trail follows after the target and if it manages to catch the target, then shadows will sprout from underneath them and try to immobilize them.
  • Cloak of Shadows - While in shadows or darkness, Leiah can become invisible. And if she attacks while invisible in this way, she deals critical damage on the unsuspecting victim.
  • Living Shadow - Leiah awakens the shadow of a desired target and affects the reality aligned to a specific object or target, allowing her to, for example, push, pull, move, squish, expand and several other interactions against that target. The target can of course resist if they are powerful enough.
  • Whispers of the Old Ones - The target's mind is afflicted by the whispers of the Old Ones, rendering it impossible to cast spells (silence effect) for a short duration as well as making combat difficult by breaking their concentration. Against stronger foes this effect is weaker and could simply make it more difficult to cast spells instead.
  • Execration - An enveloping shadow traps the target in place, prohibiting them from moving. However, they are still able to fight, cast spells and any other actions normally. Lasts longer with each level.
  • Enervation - A curse of shadows that weakens the target's body from inside out. This lowers all of their attributes by 25%. For every level the target is lower than Leiah, the effect is 100% more powerful. Lasts longer with each level.
  • Field of Execration - Casts Execration on every desired target around Leiah at once. This has a 1 hour cooldown. Area increases every level.
  • Shadow Style Manipulation - Leiah can utilize the element of shadows to perform various basic types of attacks by manipulating shadow magic.
  • Black Hole (ultimate) - Summons a miniature black hole in her hands and tosses it into the air. The black hole begins to suck in everything around itself in a moderate area, the pull being stronger the closer the object or person is to the black hole. If something is fully pulled into the center, then it becomes highly vulnerable to take damage from everything else that crashes into the black hole's pull.

Power Level 2.5 (uses both character slots):

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Leiah: Pact of the Old Ones
The Perfect Clone: N/A

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