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Lordaeron TA 1.59 released!


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Hey everyone, we know it has been quite a long time, but it is finally time to show you what we've been working on for the last 2 months. It might not seem like much to you. But a lot ( and I mean ALOT ) of work has been done to redo triggers and clean up most of the mess. Because boy oh boy it has been a massive mess. There might not be alot of balance changes or added features, but slowly but surely the editor is becoming more and more responsive to what we try to do to it. So let us get started on all that was fixed. Rejoice for it might just be that tiny bit more stable once again!

Epic war link: *Outdated*
[EDIT] Reupload with small hotfix: LORDAERON: TA v1.59 - Warcraft 3 Maps - EpicWar.com

- Fixed group priority for Undead Alexandros, Kazzak and Putress
- Eye of Neheliniis now an active item that works like a dust of appearance
- Wretched gargoyle/cloud tech has been fixed
- Added 3 seconds casting time to Astral Walk
- Empowered Illidan bug on his W has been fixed
- Drekthar spell book and mountain shield NO LONGER share a cooldown
- Fixed Empowered Malakk having all abilities without killing any of the loas
- Empowered Sylvanas basic attack is now showing and fixed scaling
- Dark Iron casters now correctly require adept training to unlock incinerate
- All introduction texts have been revised, and fixed of grammar errors ( this was alot of work )
- All shards of power based triggers, ( hero gains level up on research or event) have been rewritten. No more shard drop abuse.
- All hotkeys have been remapped to a more standard layout, Q W E R
- Warblade of Archimonde cannot be sold anymore
- Improvements around Outland Portals have been made.
- Gates no longer unaggro on opening/closing
- Widened the entrance to ICC.
- Fixed pathing issues on Farstrider Lodge.
- Units now follow old pathing orders and retain group bindings when you change their unit types on going into a certain path. ( LB Cleric -> Scarlet priests for example )
- Arthas now correctly drops items upon the Frozen Throne dying.
- Red priests/ Purple Priests blood stone/health stone collision size reduced
- LB lumber upgrade fixed
- Worgen Elite Hotkeys fixed
- Moved Kirin Tor from Mystic Ward to Ambermill. He will turn into worgen elite upon researching path( consistency reasons).
- Hellfire Storm no longer requires Pit Lord Blood Pact ( an attempt to help orange his early game in outland )
- Kargath Empowered blades no longer requires Pit Lord Blood Pact
- Mor'ghor overlapping ability hotkeys fixed, (used to have W for both roar and armor
- Wise council abilities no longer affect enemies
- Frigates have +20 ms and now have a slowing attack (-50% for 4 seconds )
- Heroic Leap no longer suicides the hero who uses the ability. Now also stuns in an aoe.
- Stun shards gold cost reduced to 175 from 200
- Minor replenishment potion removed
- Tome of Retraining added to shops

Added features

- implemented autocamera feature -camera will automatically reset to specified settings, supported commands:
-unlock : unlocks camera for free manipulation
-lock : locks camera to last saved setting(locked by default)
-reset : resets settings to map defaults
-far : sets camera target distance to 2000
-cam X : specifies camera target distance in range 1000-2000( 1600 by default)
- Global Experience has been turned on

Lordaeron TA: v1.59a
Epic war link: LORDAERON TA: v1.59a
Small bug fix patch to adress some more and less important issues.
- Fixed unlimited death knights for orange
- Queuing and cancelling Shadow Council no longers permanently locks out pit lords
- Fixed bug with Sunwell Absorption and Sylvanas Empowerment making her revivable
- Fixed priority of Mephisthroth
- Fixed bug causing dummy spells to malfunction - let us know if any spells still fail to cast
- Fixed inconsistency with camera fields - let us know if current camera fields are within your comfort
- Alleria's hippogryphs can no longer aim CPs
- Fixed sfx loop after opening portals
- Fixed Summon Militia Peasant dropping from Saidan

If you find any bugs please do post them in this thread or on the Marsh Sanctum discord which can be found at -> Join the Marsh's Sanctum Discord Server!

Enjoy playing
Richardik, Hahay, Flots
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been awhile since I saw LTA being worked like this, I have played some LTF lately, but now myb Its time to return to good ol' LTA


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is this patch still good for 1.30? if not then what's the latest patch for 1.30?