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Lordaeron TA 1.59d


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Lordaeron: The Aftermath
[Changelog v. 1.59d]
Epicwar link LORDAERON: TA v1.59d - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com

Mostly bug fixes and nerf to Cult and Ice Trolls

- Added detailed damage and armor type tooltips
- Fallen Rangers and Crusader Zealots should no longer be charmable
- Rearranged buildings in Deatholme to resolve issue with pathing block
- Fixed pathing around Kul'Tiras tower
- Fixed pathing for Forsaken Hold
- Expanded area around Zul'Aman main building to resolve issues with units getting stuck
- Eastern Silvermoon CP should no longer be perma invis when aquired through "Reclaim Quelthalas" troll event


- It should no longer be possible to abuse anti tk to heal obelisks
- Anti tk should correctly be disabled once blue leaves
- Fixed Grant Power(spell on Frozen Throne)


-Militia archers are now correctly replaced by sea guards in barracks after researching Kul'Tiras subpath
-Airships are now limited to 4
-Kirin Tors are now available again after cancelling Tirisfal Council research


-Fixed Firebolt stun and projectile. It now stuns for 2.5(0.2) seconds. It's no longer autocastable ability


- Nerfed Slaughterhouse initial mana to 300 and mana regen to 0.7.

Editor's note: We felt like Cult has it too easy when it comes to stacking liches early game which puts them at a great advantage against Silverhand.


- Empowered Malakk's Power of Sseratus slow nerfed from 50/60/70/80% to 20/30/40/50%
- Empowered Malakk's Frost of Drakkari(ultimate) rescaled:
Level 1: 75 dmg for 18 waves, max 1000 damage/wave to 54 damage for 25 waves, max 700 damage/wave
Level 2: 105 dmg for 24 waves, max 2000 damage/wave to 84 damage for 30 waves, max 1400 damage/wave
- Zul'jin's Axe Storm(ultimate) rescaled from 16/18 axes per second over 17 seconds to 10/12 axes per second over 25 seconds
-Removed "Power of Mam'toth" from Icetusk Mammoths

Editor's note: Since Ice Trolls are a solo path we didn't want to nerf its power level directly, instead we are rescaling AoE ultimates so that total damage stays around the same but opponent is given more time to react with an interrupt. Nerf on Malakk's slow aims to help enemies maneuver out of the AoE. It made no sense to have Malakks ability on a regular(limited) unit so it was removed, without replacement, for now.


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Can you fix ''Risen'' as Scarlet Crusade? You are not able to make the event even tho the option is there

Talon King Ikiss

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Can we plase have Twisting Nether nerf? It is impossible to break through aven as fully upgraded army while legion sits on 1/1. Legion overall is too forgiving, easiest time of base sniping and CP gathering with many summons from dreadlords. Legion is just able to hand win to anybody by attacking bases and sniping income. And before someone smart says you can stop it...yes you can. By bringing your whole army, giving ground to whoever you were fighting. Once you re-engage Legion will just return back to it and you are where you started till you eventually perish by jumping back and forth. You cant even tower up on cps, not only legion can summon too much, chaos damage chews through buildings like paper.
Killing Kil'jaeden is the only way, and when full legion army sits in nether you sure as hell are not breaking it without controling the entire map first. Especially when he does shit like this.