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Lordaeron TF 0.56 Changelog April Fool


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Alright here is new patch 0.56 i hope will enjoy it as much as i did


  • Sunfury Island renamed to Pokemanharald island
  • God Tier Heroes start at lvl 25 now (including A’dal and God-Emperor Uther for balance. We’ll come back to Uther in the LB section)
  • Quel'thalas Trees have been replaced with Rabbits cou cou
  • All Heroes take now 75% reduced dmg and got a size of 1 (we listen to hero aim complains and this change should make it close to impossible for heroes to die). Furthermore, we might add water walking to all heroes for decreased hero aim in future patches.
  • We have reterrained the entire map to make these drastic changes fit in. We will include some screenshots at the bottom.


  • 3 more runestones have been added throughout Alliance territory as many have complained about base-aiming. We want to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, so we have added a HUGE PING ALERT to appear whenever the runestones are attacked. It will continue until defended. You’re welcome Highborne players. :) (Nuclear siren sound added for extra immersion)
  • Fel elves have been reworked into water elfs, keep yourselves clean guys! :) (this message was supported by Brigands Against Drugs, also known as BAD)
  • You will now be able to request to join the Horde as Blood Elves. This will invite 3 of your friends from Battlenet to join the game and KTA will be included in the map as a result. Now you can play both LTF AND KTA at the same time! You will use Legion technology to merge the two timelines together, because why not (I want to go back to Draenor hurduh).


  • Melee units have been given magical damage, as lets be honest… who honestly wants anything but that? Also, as we respect roleplayers we need to implement something that suits Dalaran players.
  • We changed Aegwynn into Khadgar, and he will give you a quest to collect apexis crystals for increased conflict in Outland. He will also talk about Artifact Power, but we will save that for future patches. ;)
  • Gilneas Trees have been replaced with treants that explode on impact
  • The shield of Dalaran cannot be activated by purple himself, but the 5 other alliance members have to vote to activate it within a 10-second timespan of each other to encourage team work and avoid Dalaran camping in their city and not helping others.
  • Dalaran Spire is now vulnerable to Tornadoes, so it can be stopped from shielding. It can however also be insta-destroyed by the mere existence of Archimonde.


  • All ranged and melee units have been given purge as we heard complaints about the removal of dispells in the last patch. We, of course, listen very closely to our community, so this is a very important change.
  • Diamond Magni will scream CHAMPION now every time you select him, and whenever Archimonde uses his fissures and Magni is in range he will scream: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONS! (for extra immersion of course).
  • Brann got now Headshot as W the ability will oneshot a Unit or Hero with a chance of 1% and lvl 2 2%
  • Ironforge reworked into Cubeforge because more polygons means its better!
  • As part of the Northrend expedition you now have to stop Algelon from coming to the conclusion that “there is partial corruption in the planet's life-support systems as well as complete corruption in most of the planet's defense mechanisms. Begin uplink: Reply Code: 'Omega'. Planetary re-origination requested.” - If you fail all players will be banned from the game (and existence). Silly Titans and their shenanigans.


  • Ranger Corps now start with the Mardum Gateway where they can select their first hero: Crabthemar,Small mana wyrm, or PokemanHarald. They will all have unique and perfectly balanced skillsets (inspired by Third War). For example, Harald shall be given a charm aura to counterbalance the fact that he starts without any armor and is unarmored.
  • Sylvanas now attacks with less Armor (new model)
  • We have made Zul’Aman into an instance which can take up to 30 min. depending on your glyphs and gear. If you complete this instance, you will be rewarded with a visual upgrade and a new racial ability for the “Void Elves”. We heard that they were very popular.
  • A new path has become available if you empower Sylvanas as Forsaken - you will be able to shatter the Helm of Domination and create a HUGE rift in the sky which will destroy all you love and hold dear (also known as blue and cult). You also get a cool cutscene (yay!).
  • As a small addition to the new Silvermoon path for Sylvanas, we have decided that Sylvanas would, without a doubt, rename Silvermoon to Sylvamoon and it will therefore be renamed accordingly.
  • We have decided that frost arrows are a bit too weak and we decided to replace them with blizzard arrows


  • Uther will now have the Trashbringer doing +5000 Damage to Animals (including Worgen and Furries)
  • Darion Mograine added to Mograine’s Legacy
  • Alex will come now with Big Dick pics
  • If Uther is killed, you can have him placed a Golden Throne on the council of the pantheon, where he will be known as the God-Emperor of Mankind for then on. He shall lead a galactic war against the forces of the Chaos Legion. He shall receive a buff known as BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD (not Hakkar)......
  • We have decided that the Cult of the Damned spawn in Noxious glade isn't close enough so we decided to move it to the Light’s Hope Chapel, we made this decision because of the fact gray is too hard to push out of Lordaeron which is too hard for our young and inexperienced community.
  • We have also sought to balance the easily killed priests of LB, so we have reduced the mana cost of healing wave to 25 from 200. This should help keep them alive. Also, they have been given a shock wave ability known as AK47 short for Absolutely Kanker 4(/for) 7 (targets). As you can guess it only hits 7 targets but deals strong magical damage.


  • Scourge Betrayal has been removed.
  • Arthas now gets +5 Stats when Andorhal Stratholme and Capital die
  • Garithos got Crown of Lordaeron tied to him (because let's be honest he is the king)
  • New Lordaeron removed
  • King Arthas removed
  • Arthas has decided that being paladin isnt for him and has become a baker instead following his teacher's Chef's Uthers advice. This is hidden path which you have to unlock through collecting recipes dropping from different critters throughout the map and from shops! Like brød, smør, nutella and banananananana from Tel’Abim (praise be to Allah).
  • If he goes to Stratholme with Jaina and Uther (before his divine ascension) he can activate the “This entire Arthas must be Arthased” and you will spawn a fuckton of shadow clones of Arthas through the use of the shadow clone jutsu and the Stratholme building will turn into a giant Arthas head. You’re welcome for the nightmares.


  • All Nerubians now have a 90% chance to turn neutral hostile with added buffs know as WHAT HAVE I DONE, which basically works as an unholy frenzy without the whole unholy thing
  • With no one using vrykul we have decided to remove them and replace them with abomination casters and stronger versions of the original abominations.
  • You can now activate an event if Arthas has taken up Frostmourne: You can summon him to him through the cool sound files from WC3. However, these sound files create memory leaks, and if the Arthas player does not reach the Frozen Throne in time then the map will crash due to the excessive use of the summons.

Burning Legion

  • Legion will now get Detheroc after Archimonde dies
  • Astral Walk removed and replaced by a 20 range blink which has a 99% chance to fail and kill the user instead
  • Archimonde can now fly (remember to buy boots of speed and a ring as mama Azothan always said).
  • Return to master now teleports your units to a random location
  • Fel Reavers removed from the very fabric of reality. Not like this means anything as the Burning Legion transcends realities and time pepehands.

Dark Horde

  • Proto Dragons are back and better then ever <3
  • We have noticed that the choke for Blackrock mountain is too large and we decided to make it the size of one footman for extra protection!
  • Black Temple can now summon Infernals anywhere on the map but beware,these infernals arent like the others……. (remember those annoying infernals in Survival Chaos? Yeah, like them)
  • We have decided to be more inclusive and added Onyxia instead of Nefarian though careful with her she is a bit less agile than her brother

Shadow Council

  • Casters are no longer limited and they cost lumber for easier access
  • Shadow Council can now open the Dark Portal wherever they please, a bit like Illidan’s portal.
  • Vorpils shield has been expanded to be the size of South Lordearon to protect all of your allies
  • Blackheart has been replaced by his brother BlackLungs,he is a new fire spell based hero who has a limited life duration till you have to revive him
Cult of the Damned

  • Can now revive Galakrond when Lich Kel'thuzad is lvl 25 which shall be known as Mr. Bigglesworth the 2ND!
  • The entirety of Icecrown has now been melted and sadly Lich King has been moved to Naxxramas and Naxxramas now has 2 cores that you have to kill. They have, however, been reduced to 200 hp to balance it. One of the cores is the Frozen Throne.
  • Plague now effects Undead too


  • The Dragon Breath Cannon now has been made neutral hostile and has been buffed Better run!
  • Can get Double Deathwing now
  • Got now a Yogg Saron path all models will be from WoW and you will play as a full unleashed Old God. This leads us to the next point →
  • All Old god units are now tentacles. We have added Goldshire Inn for all those roleplayers who want to make it a bit spicy (I think you know what I mean, you absolute weebs)
  • Black dragons can sadly no longer fly as they have gotten too old over the few patches, we shall wait till new hatchlings arrive in the office
  • All base Dragonmaw units are now dragons

This post was made by the Shadow Council gang: BluePandaRU, Julie of Deutschland, PokemonWhorald the Betrayer and Gul’Dan himself. *bows*

Which people a great 1. April
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This is too Arthas for me Arthas. This entire Arthas must be Arthas. I would give it about Arthas out of Arthas. Well done Arthas. I was truly Arthas untill I read today´s date Arthas. Gib god-emperor Arthas into this Arthas. I feel like Arthas was behind this Arthas truly Arthas.


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Dang u went full creative with this one..
Tho harald island brings good memories!