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Lordaeron TF 0.57a Changelog


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Hello there lads and welcome to a new LTF version not gonna lie we took quite some time (slightly stalled) but i hope the quality of the changes will make you guys happy. I wont address much personal + editing stuff for future of LTF here im planning to write a road ahead + my personal thoughts on some changes about that soon here on the forum hopefully so stay up for that

About the Patch itself most major thing really is the reintroduction of San'layn/Wrechted who hopefully will give a new feeling compared to back then + several Sub Paths sorry for all Blue mains who loved Valanar + Lanathel i hope Ymiron will make you guys happy still + Wildhammer got some new stuff

And here is the Changelog:


Small Note we were able to reduce Map size quite a bit thanks to merytz tho if you find any issues make sure to report this to me

- Improved Cannon tower damage reduced by 5.

- Healing and Mana Potions now have 2 charges.

- Elven Farms got a hotkey - «F».

- Dalaran, Highborne and Blood Elf Generators now have a hotkey - «G».

- Elven Guard Towers hotkey changed to «T» from «G».

- 15 gold control point in Shadowmoon Camp for Brown has been removed.

- Val’kyrs base armor increased to 2 from 0.

- Reveal on Great Hawks no longer requires Magic Sentry research.

- Updated Shadowforge terrain.

- Updated Gilneas terrain.

- Reworked Utgarde Keep terrain.

- Alterac City has been expanded.

- Deepholme has been expanded to the south with another 15 gold cp and Stone Golem creeps being added.

- Control Point in Gundrak now belongs to Gray from the start.

- Scourging of Lordaeron aesthetics updated.

- Scourging of Quel’Thalas aesthetics updated.

- Kicking left Highborne/Blood Elves player from the alliance has been readded, and Quel’Thalas transfer moved to it.

- Rebellious Elven houses all around Quel’Thalas have been given back to either Rangers or Highborne.

- When a member of the Alliance leaves, you can no longer start any path that will change his team.

- Broken Alliance count now displays true number, and factions can properly join it when Alliance has 3 members.

- The side walls in Capital Palace have been removed.

- Updated Archmage Vargoth description (requested by KarlOgr).

- Blood Elves, Sunfury, Fel Elves and San’layn now get additional 20g. income for controlling all 5 charged Manaforges in Twisting Nether.

- Magic Attacks only deal now 200% to Summoned Armor from 300%.

- Spells only deal 120% now to summoned armor from 160%.

The Neutral Renegades team has been split into:

  • Illidari:

  • Sunfury Elves.
  • Illidan’s Illidari.
  • Black Dragonflight.

  • Rogue Alliance:

  • Syndicate.
  • Worgen.
  • Scarlet Onslaught.

The Grand Alliance:


- Reviving Dar’Khan now costs 100 gold.

- Going Blood Elves will now properly remove Dar’khan.

- All Highborne units and Heroes are properly affected by Spirit of Quel’Dorei now.

- Dar’khan will now benefit from the Magister Elite Training and Long Staves research.

- Highborne limit increased from 10 to 12.


- Now gets the Coilfang Reservoir building.

- High Astromancer Solarian has a new Icon and Model.

- Lady Vashj has a new icon.

- High Astromancer and Al'ar Phoenix now don’t require Dark Horde to be Illidari to spawn.

- Draenei Broken got buffed:

  • 200 more hp
  • 10 more base damage

- Shadow Seer illusions now deal 20% of original damage instead of 10%.

- Naga Siren Mastery upgrade will now increase armor instead of hp.

Fel Elves:

- Can only be done now with one betrayer in Legion team.


- Path has been returned, and can now be made by Blood Elves player and if game has passed 30 min mark. By going this path, you’ll be banished from Quel’Thalas to the Temple city of En’kilah, with a possibility to return and take control of the Sunstrider Isles and Falthrien Academy.

- Going to Falthien Academy with Keleseth will set up a base here, unlocking new unit-type and giving Bloodstone Crown to Keleseth, to which he’s tied.

- En’kilah provide you with bonus gold income.

- Heroes are: Valanar (can still obtain Quel’Delar), tied to En’kilah. Keleseth, tied to Bloodstone Crown item. And Taladram who’s always rivavable.

- Additional trees have been added around En’kilah, this should provide San'layn some wood economy before returning to Quel’Thalas.


- Rhonin’s starting intelligence increased from 17 to 24, he also won’t get Arcane Shield after raising New Dalaran.

- Rhonin now doesn’t have looping fade (it is usually used for mounted units, and does slow his turning rate).

- Kalecgos now benefits from Long Staves upgrade.

- Dalaran Guard Towers and Crystal Guardians received an additional anti-air attack with half from usual damage.

- Kirin-Tor from Mystic Ward (in Ironforge) has been moved back to Dalaran. You can now teleport all units in Mystic Ward with a single Tirisfal Agent.


- Arugal now takes experience from Jaina.

- Genn now takes experience from Arugal.

- Lycanthropic Empowerment now gives Arugal+1 lvl instead of 500 exp.

- Dalaran Shield Defences are now unavailable.

- You can now get Darius from your Altar instead of the whole Lorna rescue.


- Ironforge Tower food cost to 0 from 1.

- Gnomish Land Mines cooldown decreased to 100 from 120.

- Siege mode range nerfed to 1000 from 1100.

- Flying Machines now have an Autocannon which damages nearby enemies by 20 each 5 seconds. Autocannon requires Siege Bombs upgrade.

- With retaking Gnomeregan you will also get a port on the north of it.

- Ironforge City has been expanded to the right by one tile, creating the symmetry with left passage.

- Belt of Bronzebeard will now share cooldown with Amulet of Spell Shield.


- Fortified Tower food cost to 0 from 1.

- A lumber camp has been added next to Aerie Peak.

- Wildhammer Warriors does not cost lumber anymore.

- Cannot make United Dwarves as Wildhammer anymore.

New research : «The Earthen Ring» granting a base in the Temple of Earth in Deepholme and unlocking a new unit - Earthen Ring Elementalist and new Hero - Lachan MacGraff.

His spells:

  • Q - Healing Wave.
  • W - Wise Council.
  • E - Book of the Elements. With each level new pages of the book unlocked, adding new elements to summon.
  • R - Lightning Strike (does AOE damage with little stun).

Elementals Spells:

Level 1: Earth Elemental:

  • Q - Taunt.
  • W - Anti Piercing Skin.
Level 2: Air Elemental:

  • Q - Breath of Wind (+20% movement speed for 7 seconds to allies.)
  • W - Cold Wind (5% movement speed reduction and 10% attack speed reduction to enemies.)
Level 3: Fire Elemental:

  • Q - Breath of Fire (150 damage, to a maximum of 2000.)
  • W - Incinerate (additional damage with each attack.)
Level 4: Water Elemental:

  • Q - Mass healing (100 hp for nearby allies.)
  • W - Life Regeneration Aura (+1.00.)

Temple of Earth has Siege Aura and Reveal abilities, and is needed for Earthen Ring Elementalists.

Earthen Ring Elementalist spells:

  • Q - Replenishing Waters (greatly increases hp regeneration).
  • W - Lightning Bolt (basically a fire bolt).
  • E - Summon Earth Elemental (strong and durable).

Dark Iron Dwarves:

- Shadowforge Tower food cost to 0 from 1.

- Dark Iron Golem Armor type changed from Summoned to Heavy.

- Control point in Shadowforge changed to 25 gold from 15.

Ranger Corps:

- Falconwing Square can now summon Hawks, and cannot be targeted by sea.

- Sylvanas is now revivable until 10 minutes mark passed.


- Nathanos Paralytic Bolt Stun Duration nerfed to 0.50/1/1.50/2 from 1/2/3/4.

- New unit added - Deathguard. Will replace Abominations as melee with following spells:

  • Q - Defend.
  • W - Wrathful Strike (small bash).
  • E - Forsaken Blight.

- Will now start at Valkyrion instead of Deathknell. Deathknell is now a base you will get when moving Sylvanas to it.

- You can now make two special researches at Valkyrion, where you can decide for one of your Casters to instantly unlock the Master training.

- Valkyrion and Deathknell now gives 75 food up from 10.

- Apothecaries Master training no longer requires Royal Apothecarium.

- Black Arrows are unlocked without a research.


- Centurions got a new model.

- Adal will no longer be invulnerable while tping.

- Sigil of Naaru will no longer affect Velen.

- Sigil of Naaru healing nerfed to 100/150/200/250 from 200/250/300/350.

- Benevolence healing nerfed to 125/175/250/325 from 175/225/275/325.

- Draenei Alliance now requires 30 Minutes instead of 20 Minutes require

- Divine Zeal nerfed:

  • Duration from 45 to 20 seconds.
  • Will no longer increase movement speed.


- Lord Garithos level is now properly based on Prince Arthas.

- Jaina can now properly use her Arcane Stasis spell.

King Arthas:

- Heal from Inspire the Men nerfed:

  • Amount of heal reduced from 100 to 75.
  • Cannot target allies anymore.

- Stand your ground ability nerfed:

  • Number of targets lowered from 8 to 6.
  • Mana cost increased from 80 to 120.


- Does get all Lich King's stuff if blue leaves the game.

- Can summon Sapphiron if blue has left.

- Rise of the Scourge and Damnation now require lvl 15 instead of lvl 14.

Scourge and Legion:


- No longer has Valanar and the San’layn.

- Soul Rot on Nerubian Seers is now autocastable by default again. But to prevent the quick loose of mana, cd of ability has been increased to 11 seconds, and mana cost reduced to 45 from 50.

- Betray Legion research now won’t disappear if Blue player has left the game.

- Ymirjar Ascendants got a new ability: Presence of Death - reduce the mana regeneration of enemies in 300 range by 0.5.

- Vrykul Subversion subpath will now grant new hero - Fallen King Ymiron with following spells:

  • Q - Shockwave.
  • W - Howl of Terror.
  • E - Vampiric Aura.
  • R - Avatar of Death.

  • Passive 25% Cleave.

New Vrykul related unit added - Shade of Utgarde. Shade has Blood Poul (parasite-like spell), Unholy Strength and Cripple.

New Advanced Upgrade added - North Dominance. Will grant all Vrykul units additional 100 hp and mana, also gives Ymiron +1 level.

Burning Legion:

- Offer Mission to Illidan will only show up when Illidari has occurred, and will require Scourge to Betray. For more details look on → Illidari changes.

- Legion Master Gateway can now resurrect Felguards as well.

- Nether and Reality Tears can now target Structures.

- Kazzak can now summon Gan’arg Workers.

- Fel Burst damage increased to 100/150/200/250 from 100/130/160/190 it will also decrease enemy armor by 2/3/4/5.

Dark Horde:

- Requires now either Brown or Green to betray so that you can get Nefarian.


- Can no longer target chained Magtheridon.

Mission to destroy the Lich King:

- Granting the mission will give both Legion and Illidari 250 gold/wood and unlock the ability to open the Portal on Illidan.

- Completing the mission by destroying the Frozen Throne will grant Illidan 2 levels (not counting another shard from destroyed Throne) and 400 gold. This will disable future Legion reinforcements.

- After receiving the mission, next Illidan's death will fail it.

- Failing the mission will prevent you from obtaining the rewards after destroying the Frozen Throne, and enraged Archimonde will call for reinforcements to arrive.

Cult of the Damned:

- Unleashing the Plague will properly give resources based on time.

- Lady Deathwhisper Death Grip duration nerfed to 1/1.50/2/2.50 from 2/3/4/5.

- Requirements for Darions Rebellion updated - you now need Acherus alive and 3 members in the Alliance.

Dragonmaw Clan:

- Betrayal or Illidari paths will now transfer control over encampment in Shadowmoon to the Dark Horde/Illidari instead of going hostile.

Black Dragonflight:

- Blackwing Majordomo changes:

  • Max mana to 400 from 300.
  • Starting mana to 250 from 210.
  • Got a new spell T - Dragon Wisdom, which allows them to restore 150 of their own mana.
  • Is now a ranged unit with 600 range, and also has multishot for two targets and benefit from Ranged Upgrades instead of Melee.
  • Health reduced to 1300 from 1400 and size to 15 from 22.
  • Got a new spell W - Fiery Bomb (a Doom-like spell which makes the explosion after the unit affected by this spell dies).
  • Dragon Blood Range increased to 800 from 600.

- Dragonspawn now got on W - Incinerate.

Bug Fixes:

- Magtheridon now properly goes to Legion when he’s freed from Illidari captors.

- Badlands now properly transfer to Dragonmaw when Dark Horde goes to Illidari.

- Removed mushroom trees around Tyr’s.

- Lordaeron no longer can revive Kel’Thuzad at Sunwell.

- Nagaz now won’t start with lvl 1 if Legion has been destroyed.

- Fixed positions of Tirions spells.

- Fixed Andorhal pathing.

- Rally Forces on Falstad tooltip fixed.

- Nathrezims can no longer Astral Walk in the New Dalaran interior.

- Dragons Breath Cannon cannot be risen anymore.

- Gelbin Mekkatorque no longer appears in Dark Iron path.

- Dalaran and Highborne cannot tp on Draenei units in Mardum before Draenei Exodus anymore.

- Troll Destroyers couldn’t be loaded by transport ships anymore.

- Members of the Alliance cannot train unlimited Phoenixes in Quel’Thalas anymore

Download Link: LORDAERON: TF 0.57 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com


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I only saw one worthy thing to read
Once I read it, I skipped the whole changelog
Praise Lord because


One Lazy Peon
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Took a bit of time but here is the hotfix version coming with some changes on balance i hope the Changes are alright by everyone


- All Blinks range nerfed to 600 from 1200-1800.

- Clarity potions charges increased to 4 from 1.

- All Faction Paths (changing team and stuff) will now take only 5 seconds to research.

- Creeps around top Azjol-Nerub cp have been moved above.

- Silver Covenant and Sunreaver Enclave will now spawn in New Dalaran even if relevant subpaths were made before raising Dalaran.

- Buildings owned by destroyed Legion and Lich King will now turn Hostile instead of being removed.

The Grand Alliance:


- Darkfallen Prince Taldaram and Anasterian will now teleport 80 units up from 50.


Fel Elves:


- Fixed Darkfallen Knights upgrades.

- You can now target yourself with Bloodstone Crown.

- Chilled Blood Unit Duration nerfed to 2/4/6/8 from 6/8/9/11.

Changes to not released yet content:

- Lana’thel Raging Frenzy removed.

- Fallen Heroes Unjust Power will no longer decrease the taken damage.

- Unjust Power movement speed bonus reduced from 30% to 10% and attack speed from 20% from 60%.


- Arcane Hail damage reduced to 30/50 from 55/75 , Area of Effect reduced to 800 from 1000 and duration to 6 from 8 (this change will affect all Arcane Hails).


- Genn now starts in Worgen Form and will always stay this way.

- Genns ultimate duration increased from 15 to 20 (tooltip duration of 30 is a lie) and cooldown decreased from 180 to 120.

- To summon Goldrinn you now need a lvl 10 hero instead of lvl 12.



- Maz is now perma revivable.

- Wildhammer can now be unlocked from 20 minutes down to 15 minutes.

- Wildhammer Thane damage reduced from 55 to 35.

- Forked Lightning from Wildhammer Thane damage reduced from 100 to 50.

- Gryphon Rider Health reduced to 1350 from 1450.

- Gryphon Rider damage reduced from 50 to 40.

Dark Iron Dwarves:

Ranger Corps:

- Ranger Melee Armor upgrades will now transfer into Melee Armor for Forsaken successful.

- Sylvanas Starfall duration nerfed to 20 from 45.

- Snag Trap activation delay increased from 5 to 6 and stun duration from 12 to 4.


- Possession will no longer autocast.



- Tirions Q spell changed to the Hammer of Light (shadowstrike-like spell reducing movement speed and attack speed).

- Tirion now got Absolution as Ult.

- Uther's new Ult is now “Lay of Hands” a ability with 180/120 second cooldown instant healing targeted Unit to full health.

- Holy Regeneration Mana cost on last lvl increased from 8 to 12 (affects all using it).

Scarlet Onslaught:

- Crusader got buffed:

  • Base damage increased by 8.
  • Mana increased by 100.
Draenei Alliance:

Mograines Legacy:

- Amount of units you get with Alexandros reduced.

- Fixed units sizes.

- Uther death fixed and will no longer start Scarlet Crusade, Cathedral ability removed.

- You will now turn into the Scarlet Crusade if Alexandros dies while Light’s Hope Chapel is destroyed. Being in Scarlet Crusade you won’t be able to go Argent Crusade, only Scarlet Onslaught.


- When Arthas (even as King) dies while capital has fallen, you will turn into Scourge.

- You will no longer get Jaina when Gilneas happens.

King Arthas:

- Amount of additional hp that Arthas gets for becoming the KIng reduced to 250 from 450.

- King Arthas speed reduced to 285 from 300.

New Lordaeron:

- Path is properly disabled if King Arthas happened.


- Updated Marwynns description.

Scourge and Legion:


- Utgarde now changes ownership if attacked by enemy units, instead of being destroyed.

- Ymiron changes:

  • Base Health buffed to 500 from 300.
  • Starting Intelligence buffed from 14 to 18.
  • Starting Agility buffed from 18 to 22.
  • Strength per level buffed from 3.3 to 3.5.

- North Dominance Health and Mana increase buffed from 100 to 200.

- Ymirjar Ascendant changes:

  • Size decreased to 24 from 32.
  • Movement speed increased to 240 from 180.
  • Gold cost reduced to 28 from 50.
  • Unlimited now.
  • Presence of Death ability removed.
  • Now uses normal damage instead of siege damage.
  • Damage reduced to 40 from 76.
  • Health reduced from 1800 to 1400.
  • Will now be affected by Death Infusion.
  • Will replace Abominations.

Burning Legion:

Dark Horde:


Shadow Council:


Cult of the Damned:

- Patchwork size decreased to 24 from 30.

- Stonespine Gargoyle now classified as undead and doesn’t cost any food.

Darions Rebellion:

Dragonmaw Clan:

- Battlemaster gold cost decreased to 23 from 28.

- Revivification on Zuluhed buffed:

  • Amount of heal increased from 500 to 700.
  • Mana cost decreased from 100 to 25.

Twilight Hammer Clan:

Black Dragonflight:

Bug Fixes:

- Silvermoon City will now properly drop a shard if destroyed by Evil factions.

- Ashen Verdict can no longer research Empower for Arch Necromancer, and shouldn’t be able to absorb the Sunwell anymore.

- Aegwynn got moved back to Hero Box.

- Kul Tiras research should be disabled now for all who can’t do it.

- Magtheridon will now be straight up killed when Illidari launches, even when in a boat.

- Morghor and Drakkisath are now properly removed when THC happens.

- Fixed Syndicate and Forsaken not being able to join Alliance.

- Valanar will no longer be removed when LK dies.

- Death Guards will now spawn in all bases for forsaken instead of Abominations.

- Ymiron will now be removed when LK dies.

- Rend will no longer get Beseech Nefarian until someone leaves.

- Sylvanas and Frostmourne Arthas will no longer turn Scourge when a member of Rogue Alliance or Illidari kill them.

- Twilight Hammer Clan is now properly removed from Illidari Team if player has been in Black Dragonflight path before.

- Badlands transfer to Dragonmaw now replace to proper Dragon Roost.

- Fixed the bug (again) with Dar’Khan appearing in Blood Elves.

- Aqir Sentinels are now properly removed with Wyrmskin Upgrade finished, instead of being removed when Sapphiron summoned.

- Fixed Shadowforge Lord ability positions.

- Fixed various tooltips and event messages.

- Gnomish Autocannon no longer cause endless Phoenix Fire effect, and have a new projectile.

- Units summoned by Dwarves (like workers or flying machines) no longer becomes teal.

- Moira now properly spawns even if Dwarves were in Wildhammer Path before. Her Summon Ragnaros ability is also fixed.

Note: Unleash Ragnaros ability will only appear when Moira has lvl 15, and if she’s at Shadowforge. You also might need to reenter the city, if ability won’t appear at first.

- Destroyed Legion now won’t get reinforcements if Illidan has failed the mission.

- Eredar Deceivers will lose their summon Portal ability once Legion is destroyed.

- Book of Medivh will now spawn hostile-controlled demons if Legion has been destroyed.

- Destroyed Legion will no longer get Capital from his allies.

- North Dominance will now correctly affect all Vrykul Units

- Doom Guards are now correctly limited to 12

Download Link: LORDAERON: TF 0.57a - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com


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nice hammer.png

Nice hammer @Julian

The Three Hammers research icon is also bugged when it's researchable.

-Oracles are locked when going Mograine.
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This moment when you only put DISBTN icon but not BTN one LUL