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Lordaeron TF 0.58 Changelog


The Lightbringer
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Hello there, and welcome for new patch for Lordaeron the Foremath. This version is focused on bugfixing, and making some change with editors for the next version who will see a lot of changes appear, notably to modify the functioning of the rogue alliance. Let's go straight to changelog


- Crown of the Eredar now got a Roar instead of Aoe Heal.
- Cruoris Phantoms now benefit from Piercing Magic upgrade instead of Iron Swords.
- Bloodstone Crown now properly drops upon death.
- Both Ashbringer and Corrupted Ashbringer got Holy Nova/ Unholy Nova again.
- Mammoth/Magnataur creeps on North of Northrend got moved to the east.
- Mana Flare ability getting changes:
Area of effect from 600 to 650.
Damage per Mana point from 6 to 10.
Maximum damage from 90 to 100.


- Mana Forges no longer got Hammer of Light.
- High Elf Workers now properly build High Elf Guard Towers.
- Lay of Hands lvl requires and icon fixed.
- You can no longer get Lightbringer Saidan.
- Various tooltips and event messages fixed.
- Arch Necromancers will be replaced to Liches even in ethereal form.
- Paladin Knights can no longer be trained before research.
- Frostmourne Pedestal will be removed now when Arthas turns after perma dying
- Level Transfer from Jaina to Arugal fixed.
- Freed Magtheridon is no longer invulnerable.
- Removed shadow from High/Blood Elven Archer.
- Fixed Gelbin animation after casting Gnomish Death Rays spell.
- Capitol cannot be targeted by lake anymore.
- To prevent double triggering, going Arthas Scourge will now check if player has went it already.
- Fixed Highborne Priest and Sorceress training hotkeys.
- Fixed position for Kel’Thuzad’s Frost Armor.
- Fixed various pathing issues all around the map, thus including places like: Undercity, Brill, Ambermill.
- Nerubian Ziggurats (unique Scourge towers), King Arthas, Orb of Translocate, Elven Lodges, and Nether Tear models fixed.
- Fixed the bug with Ghoul not being a target of Raise abilities.
- Fixed the bug when Dragonmaw player wasn’t able to go in any path after going Gruul Armies.


Blood Elf :
- Blood Elf Wagons are no longer considered Mechanical and Workers.

Fel Elves:
- The path now doesn’t require someone in Legion to leave. Legion has just to offer burning pact now.

- You will now get a warning message when En’kilah is under attack.
- Starting 4 elites are removed to avoid abuse.
- You can now use your Bloodstone Crown item properly.


- Hotkeys for Hero choosing (like W to summon Putricide) on Frozen Throne removed, as they conflicted with Frozen Throne spells.
- Val’kyr base damage increased to 24 from 16 (affects both Scourge and Forsaken).
- Ymirjar Ascendants changes:
Now limited to 3 again.
Food cost increased to 3.
No longer have Cleave ability.
Gold cost raised to 39.
Health buffed to 2100 from 1400 (does not count additional health from upgrades).


- Felguards now use Heavy Armor instead of Summoned. But their Enhanced Armor ability will only reduce damage to 55% instead of 70%.



- United Dwarves disabled.
- High Tinker Gelbin changes:
-Hero icon changed.
-New ultimate ability: Mekkatorque-Ray:

Gelbin fires with his powerful laser dealing 250 damage to the main target, and inflicting 200 damage to the enemies around it.
-Damage is increasing with level.
- Rifleman Scout Sight Radius increased to 1500 from 1300.


- Saldor Shallowbrook description updated.

- Nathanos got now on W - Unleash the Beast, an AOE attack speed buff that won't work on allies.
- Can now once again get the Super Plague research from Tarren Mill and Sepulcher.
- Wrath of the Apothecarium area of effect increased to 300, and damage by 50.


- Will now get Alexandros Mograine with Ashbringer after the Draenei Escape event.
Alexandros will raise as Death Knight when going Argent Crusade or Scarlet Onslaught, but will stay with Scarlet Crusade.
Mograine is unrevivable if killed by Scourge, and will go as Death Knight to Grey upon death.
- Tirion no longer starts with Ashbringer, he will get it when Death Knight Alexandros dies to Alliance.

Scarlet Onslaught:
- Timer to turn into the Scarlet Onslaught now properly works.

Draenei Alliance:
- A’dal is once again Invulnerable while casting Exodus.
- Elekk Warriors can now be trained in Draenei Gateways.
Mograines Legacy:
- Disabled for now, coming back with some changes and probably not for light blue.


- Daelin is now bound to Lordaeron, neither Silver Hand nor Dalaran cannot obtain him anymore.
Kul-Tiras itself will now be transferred to the closest Human member of the Alliance, including all Buildings and Units on it.
- Impervious Armor on Lordaeron Captains won’t ignore Magic damage anymore.

King Arthas:
- Royal Guards removed.
- Thilinwit now does give only +10 Stats instead of +20 Stats and +5 Armor.


- Dalaran Guard Towers can now target Buildings and Mechanical units.

- Worgen Damage increased to 28 from 23.
- Worgen Damage sides per die increased from 4 to 5.
- Darius got a new Ult - Aoe Bloodlust increasing attack speed by 40%/80%.
- Darius is now perma revivable.
- Arugal Base Health increased from 250 to 350.
- Arugal Strength per level increased from 1.8 to 2.5


- Kargath got Shockwave on Q, Crippling Axe moved on W.
- Demonesses are targeted as Undead now.
- New! You can now choose between two Advanced Upgrades, they will make focus on either Fel Horde Orcs or Dragon Brood of Nefarian in your armies. Both researches are available at 10 minute.

Fel Horde: Will improve your casters summons, all Orc units health by 150 and Kargath, together with your Elites will get a significant passive life regeneration bonus. Will also replace your Blackrock Champions with Fel Riders, and your Demoness limit will be raised to 8.

Draconic Horde: Will focus your army on the Chromatic Dragons of Nefarian, Gyth will spawn at Blackrock Spire.

You will get new Personal Mission to collect all Dragonflight Vials, each of them will furthermore improve your Dragons by unlocking new abilities on them. To collect the Vials, you have to come with your hero in specific locations all around the world. Locations of Dragonflight Vials:

  • Red Dragonflight - Vermillion Redoubt on South. Will unlock the self heal ability for 360 hp.
  • Green Dragonflight - Seradane in Arathi Hinterlands. Will unlock Corrosive attacks, that will slow your enemies Movement and Attack speed.
  • Blue Dragonflight - Nexus in Northrend. Will unlock Haste ability, which increases Attack and Movement speed of Dragon for 15 seconds.


    - Fel Lords now got on Q - Taunt.
    - Eredar Deceiver got on W - Feedback.
    - Eredar Deceiver got on E - the portal which allows them to get their own Units and produce minor demons like Fel Beasts , Succubus and Voidwalker.
    - Murmur Collision Size decreased to 20 from 38.


    - When Alexandros Mograine dies you will get him as Death Knight in either Drak’tharon or Naxxramas when its still alive. Alexandros is revivable, unless killed by Alliance.
    - Collision of Arch Necromancer Elite in ethereal form is now the same with his corporeal form.
    - Death Knight Alexandros Mograine movement speed increased from 245 to 280.


    - Fel Arrows mana cost reduced to 10 from 16.
    - Warlock Archer Damage increased to 19 from 17.
    - Warlock Archer Damage number of dice increased from 1 to 2.
    - Black Dragon gold cost reduced from 100 to 60.

    Have fun everyone.



One Lazy Peon
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You didn't fix the icon issues with the Three hammers path? (Both the paths icon and Moiras item)
that was for united what got disabled.
Also nice patch looking forward to give it a try


Known double post inquisitor and heretic caller.
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that was for united what got disabled.
Also nice patch looking forward to give it a try
I deleted it cause I didn't see that (DAMN YOU WHITE MODE).
But aren't icons bugged 99% of the time just because they were wrongly downloaded onto the map? The path itself wasn't bugged at all from what I saw, just those 2 icons.


Known double post inquisitor and heretic caller.
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-If Uther dies at the start before Alexandros appears Grey gets Alexandros as a Lvl 1 hero.
-Balnazzar is level 1 when saiden transforms into him and swapping back and forth a second time causes him to die permenantly.
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