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lordaeron tf Green


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As a player who mained green for a year I definitely agree that a green who knows his stuff can destroy pretty much anything late game.

I can also say that a green who gets felsabers on prysms early can destroy dwarven economy by harrasing constantly. Not to mention the prysm aoe heal which makes those casters even harder to kill.


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Green's healing does not outheal the damage of all of yellow's siege. Maybe if he has prisms and the built healing crystals (moon wells) he could do it,

I must admit, I wholeheartedly disagree. If Yellow plays it right then the backline of evil will not stand a chance. Yellow has enough siege and range to not care whether the casters are in a bad position or not, and the heal is the only thing giving them a fighting chance. Even then, if all the siege shoot at the same time, then the casters will be wiped out without any chance to fight back. If you were to nerf the heal, then Green would basically be useless as camping in Dun Algaz would mean certain death for any Green who venture close to it due to the Skybreaker, tanks in siege mode, mortars and cannon, and that is not even considering abilities and siege of yellow's allies. Evil has no such equivalent to counter the enemy backline until perhaps civil war with fel reavers, and even then those can just be banished by a good Dalaran player.
Yes another nerf to teron's heal would be ridiculous at this point. Its range, healing per sec, and mana cost have all been nerfed multiple times before. Try and kill him or mana drain him if you have the spell.

Ye try to fight ALFO when he was shadow council, or even a skilled green player, with yellow and try to make the same conclusion after. Green is simply a counter to yellow, maybe cuz ppl forget that yellow has no dispells at all, and legion team player should make advantage of that instead of throwing themselves like fools on Dun Algaz without even destroying the canon before or waiting the plague because 5 alliance players are camping a towered dun algaz with 10 generators. Ppl are also very afraid of the skybreaker while the 4 fel wyrms can take him down and harass him easily, ask @Jorlorn23 for that. (Remember dwarves has no ensnare in early)

Now I dont say to nerf Teron heal, just that Shadow Council has the lowest skillcap of the legion team and not a faction to buff more, because it has the potential to be one of the strongest faction of the game, just look at his toolkit, and the double bubble of vorpil with the ability of Archimonde to reset CD kek. Btw green counter purple very hard also with his fel ray, ask @Fablus who is a main green too.

Now that's why yellow can't 1v1 a shadow council where he can easily 1v1 orange or brown in early.
Skybreaker doesn't mean shit to green. No green should fear it for any reason. Just beware sinking right click damage into it and then yellow flies it away meaning you've wasted seconds/thousands of total dps.
Agreed on not buffing green anymore. It's in a good state right now. It's a low skill cap, but not everything needs to be as micro intensive as blue or oj or teal. Focus on making the weaker paths stronger. Especially rogue alliance.

This is the green I’m talking about. early game green is that not strong because he doesn’t have anything yet. A 6/6 upgrade green With everything or most of everything is melting your army starting with the hero’s first if he is smart.. and when you try to get to his army you are blocked by fel rays, ogres and infinite summons because shadow council does not run low on mana. Why does this highly mobile and caster heavy race have frontline units with heavy armor immune to spell casters with 800 health And a everlasting heal. No other race heals like that except green. Green also has more than just Terons heal they have units that do extra healing. Makes Any race with inadequate siege useless except scourge because they have flying units with splash damage that do piercing and magic damage. The only reason dwarfs even survive in south is because their base is hard to take. After ironforge falls if dwarf doesn’t go aerie peak path he is basically a hero squad for the rest of the game. If green makes a mistake he can get everything important out easily.
There are many flaws to this argument.
1. Late game green is easily surpassed in strength by plenty of factions. They happen to be supported by late game oj and late game teal which are both very strong therefore overstating green's impact.
2. No one heals like green? Ignoring Calia because that's a green path, Liadrin also has the same healing ability as green. Normally I would say she's uncommon to see, but since you're specifically talking late game green, I'm going to talk about late game red. Liadrin with her ulti and belf generators easily has infinite mana. Whereas teron needs to be stacked with items or have like 3-4 points in attributes before he actually has infinite mana after his latest nerf. You have to use dark ritual to keep his healing going which is very easy yes, but Liadrin doesn't even require that. You just turn on her healing and forget about it.
3. Ironforge dying usually happens early game well before green reaches full strength. The death of IF is mostly because of summoned Nef and/or cloud from teal/oj and maybe a vorpil bubble. Also yellow is usually alone because alliance is overreacting to plague. So this sounds "good teamplay vs bad teamplay" and not "early green is op".
4. I also can't keep track of your point about which green is op. You talk about the early 1v1 of green and yellow (which that shouldn't happen. there should be legion and alliance allies there) but then you saylate game green is op. So which is it?

Green is a well designed faction in a map where almost every other faction has major flaws.