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Lordaeron: the Aftermath 1.59B New version!


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Allo boys,


It is with great pleasure. And great sadness that I must tell you that some of us have not refunded reforged and are still editing a map for Blizzard cause thats what nice guys do. So being the nice guys that we are 2 versions have been made, would you like to be risky and play with reforged graphics and hope for the love of god that noone crashes? Possible! Also if you are a sadistic person who likes to play with 10 FPS instead of the normal proper 144FPS that SD can run at.
But are you a person that likes consistency SD mode LTA has been made. Whereas in the SD version graphics are forced to reforged graphics! Meaning even if you are running with reforged graphics. The game will force you to use old good classic ones. Rejoice!

In all seriousness reforged might be bad, but LTA good. So a new patch has been made to increase the stability and fix most of the glaring bugs that have been apparent with reforged its release. REJOICE FOR LTA LIVES ONCE MORE! actually more active than LTF KEKW

Many minor fixes. (tiny things that aren't relevant enough to mention)
-Gates do not turn into deathwings and neither do dalaran agents.
-Fixed outdated forsaken message
-Restoring Silvermoon as Blood Elves now also requires purified Sunwell.
-Restoring Silvermoon as Blood Elves now makes Sunwell invulnerable, until Silvermoon is destroyed.
-Anti Build restrictions on Sunwell island have been expanded (buildings cannot be built in the larger area next to the bridge)
-Restricted shipyard placement in Garadar
-Fixed level requirements for Deathwing, Ragnaros, Legion Summoning and Army of the Light
-Fixed time requirements for Dark Iron Alliance
-Fixed unlimited Death Knight bug on Dark Horde

Things that are being thought about that might have to happen for the sake of game balance would like your opinion about these.

Making Deathwing and or Ragnaros unique. Meaning only one of the two can be out at the same time. Which means if Raggy is summoned Deathwing cant be until Raggy dead, and vice versa. This would nerf this alliance down south quite a bit. A similar nerf to the Orange/Brown alliance whereas an alliance that has deathwing, nefarian and Magtheridon only sounds slightly busted right? So we'd like to put a similar mechanic out on this alliance.

Do you got other ideas feel free to post and rant how reforged is bad.

Some epic war links for you folks.


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