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LotRC: Map Updates


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We've been making great progress on LOTRC! The following are the change logs after version 11.


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General Changes
- Black Gate Now a Unit with a dope animation (was doodad)
- Edoras Gates Widened
- Barad-Dur Bridge Widened
- Ground Pathing revised at many fortess 'chokepoints'
- Helms Deep pathing revised
- Ground Pathing updated all over map and in every base
- To help long distance unit-pathing, added Pathing Blockers River north of Cair Andros, Helms Deep Mountain Range.
- Added Pathing blockers from Dol Amroth over White Mountains, they only work for units moving to Edoras (Not Helms Deep). This is the best it's going to get. Added some sight emitters 'White Mountain Sentry's: Behind Minas Tirith to help with pathing.
- Added Doodads and corrected all pathing at Sun Dome Area.
- Collision sizes of heroes corrected.
- Osgiliath Bridge Pathing Fixed.
- Lorien Bridge Pathing Fixed.
- Added a give gold chat message trigger. Syntax: "-gg player color #"
- Added Time Inquiry "-time" returns the elapsed game time.
- Added 'Dunlendings Enthralled' Inquiry "-dun" returns if dunlendings have been enthralled.
- Added 'Defenses of Nenya' Inquiry "-nenya" returns if defenses of nenya have been activated.
- Updated Models:
Siege Pit
Rohan Archer
Easterling Catapult
Royal Guard
Sons of Eorl
Witch King
Fel Beast
Fixed Treebeard/Ents Selection Shape

Gameplay Changes
- New income system. All CPs are now worth 11 gold, and players start with a 'fortress' income depending upon their faction. If your primary fortress is destroyed you also lose your fortress income entirely. Easterlings are the only exception, their 'fortress income' is split between their two starting 'Tribal Palaces'. We hope that decreasing the income curve will encourage more balanced gameplay, and less 'Steam Roll' advantages.
- Added 'Rohirrim Swordsman', a cavalry swordsman, New starting melee cavalry for Edoras/Rohirrim
- Changed 'Rohan Rider' to 'Rohan Spearman', a cavalry spearman unit for Edoras/Rohirrim
- Changed 'Anti Cavalry Bowman' to a 30s mode for Rohan archers. Missile/Buff art added.
- Easterling 'Viper Mode' now a required upgrade. Added Easterling 'Viper Mode' Buff Art. Nerfed Easterling Viper Mode, unfair damage stacking.
- Azog The Defiler Added as a Starting Hero to Dol Guldur.
- Added the 9th Nazgul as a hero, now summonable by Dol Guldur at 20 minutes
- The 9th nazgul has the same stats as DG's starting nazgul, but starts with Ring of Power with a 'Devour Inspiration' cast ability. 3/12s Hero/Units.
- Gothmog is now a summonable hero for MMorgul at 10 minutes
- Shelob now a summonable hero for Barad-Dur, 20 minutes. Players must feed her orcs at her nest near Cirith Ungol to unlock her.
- New Nazgul Screech Caster/Buff Art.
- Changed 'Tower Guard' back to 'Heavy' armor.
- Changed 'Royal Guard' back to 'Chainmail'.
- Added a Minas Tirith 'Siege Tower' as new trainable unit for MMorgul/BaradDur. TOWERS ONLY WORK on the Minas Tirith exterior wall. There are many locations.
- Towers latch irreversibly to the wall, and can only be climbed by friendly units if the tower's hitpoints > 50. There are many excluded units.
- Buffed Trebuchet's Armor slightly, reduced minimum range, and added 2 more to Minas Tirith walls to help combat siege towers.
- New 'Climb Down' ability for siege tower. Only Heroes can 'Climb Down' the tower, and only if they are close enough. 'Climb Down' Ability has a 60s cooldown.
- Added 'Grace of the Whtie Tree' global fortress Ability to Minas Tirith. Similar to 'Eye of Sauron'. Adds 4 armor to nearby units.
- Non-Combat HP/MP potion now available at campfires.
- Added 'Trusight' to Spiders of Mirkwood
- Maximum Training set to 4 for 'Crebain Scout' / 'Hobbit Scout'
- White Fountain's 'Healing Waters' autocast has been turned off by default.
- Added new 'Ranger's Volley' short range / small AOE ability to Ithilien Ranger's. Added mana to Ithilien Rangers to control usage of this spell.
- New armor type for ents. Same stats. But no longer 'fortified' type which allowed them to be mis-targeted by default.
- Added Khamul Ring 'Silence' ability
- Added El Murazor Ring 'Sorcerer's Aura' ability
- Added Akhorahil Ring 'Devour Magic' ability
- Added Campfire to MMorgul camp
- Added 'Gather Athelas' ability to Eowyn.
- Added Will Breaker - Negative Brilliance Aura for Mouth of Sauron
- Updated Dunlendings Attack Sequence, Less Trickle Feeding
- Granted full control of Dunlending's to Isengard if Edoras is destroyed.
- Added minor gollum buffs, increased MS, some evasion. Will add simple AI next time I mod.
- Fel Beast AOE Attack - Switched to a passive

Balance Changes
- Buffed Balrog damage, increased immolation duration and AOE, Decreased cost to 350g.
- Nerfed Mumakil damage and passive 'Huge Tusks' AOE
- Nerfed Eagle lightning Cooldown
- Doubled Fel Beast Landed HP Regen
- Nerfed Ithilien Rangers passive 'bash' down to 15%
- Nerfed global Archers vs Spearmen damage by 15%.
- All Summoned units now have timed life. Summoned workers are the only exception.
- Reduced Cost of Troll Stone Thrower, Buffed Passive Bash to 25%, increased HP to 1200. Hopefully makes this unit playable again.
- Buffed Shelob Abilities / Increased MS / Fixed Collission Size / New lvl 10 Ability
- Buffed Lord of the Iron Trolls Abilities / Increased MS / Fixed Collision Size
- Nerfed 'Witch King's 'Shadow Bolt' MS Factor and cooldown
- Nerfed Hoarmurath's 'Desolation Aura' DPS and AOE, Added a buff icon.
- Increased Range of Barad-Dur's 'Fortress Aura' to extend just beyond the Black Gate.
- Increased Range of Dol Guldur's 'Morgul Binding' to just outside the primary land bridge
- Increased Orthanc 'Send Forth Ice' max possible damage, decreased range slightly.
- Nerfed Gandalf 'Shield' Duration
- Nerfed Eowyn 'Shield' Duration
- Nerfed Galadriel abilities, Nerfed Galadriel 'Nenya' resurection to 5 minutes.
- Nerfed 'Combat Training' cooldown
- Balanced 'Anduril' ability
- Nerfed 'Rohirrim Charge' ability slightly
- Nerfed Gandalf's 'Shield' Duration
- All Palantir's duration/cd normalized
- Buffed Ent Moot & House of Beorn armor

Bug Fixes
- Beorn Bear Form
- Minas Morgul 'Tower of Sorcery' Ability Randomly Turning Off
- Helms Deep Wall Trigger
- All Rally Point Icons now hidden
- New Campfires now have Healing Auras
- Minas Tirith Teleport Bug
- 'Defend' Abilities re-worded from 'Reflect' to 'Deflect'. There is no damage 'reflection' in 'Defend'
- Dropped Items are no longer destructable.
- Aimed Bolt +300 unit dmg trigger
- Burning projectiles no longer do damage to friend/allies


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- Nazgul Screech debug tip hidden
- Helms deep wall terrain fixed
- Lembas Bread / Rotten Meat now can be restacked to 3x in inventory
- Balrog timed life
- Azog R spell fixed
- Shelob R spell fixed
- Give gold from Mordor tooltip fixed
- Minas Tirith random Shop Icon removed
- Ent armor tooltip fixed
- Rooted ents model fixed

- Siege towers now available only after 15 minutes
- Siege towers buffed by 200 HP
- Added list of color commands in quest.


- Akhorahil Changed Form model fixed
- Mouth of Sauron Level


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- Buffed Black Gate & Minas Tirith Gate HP and Increased Repair Time
- New 'normal' ability for Gandalf 'Binding Light' to ground and hold enemy air units for 3s.
- Decreased cost of 'Siege Tower' to 65 gold
- Added 2 starting Ithilien rangers to Cair Andros
- Increased all Fortress buildings priority, Now will be selected as first unit in a building group
- Adjusted all hero, unit, and building Priorities.
- Nerfed 'Eye of Sauron' and 'Grace of the White Tree' Duration to 40s
- Increased damage and AOE of Akhorahil's 'Devour Inspiration'

- Orange Endless Armies
- Edoras & Rohirrim training Rohan Workers corrected, no more 'Peasants'
- Azog Puncture. Apparently casting time cannot be set to '0' on shadow strike :kek:
- Gothmog Spawn Camera
- Siege Tower Maximum # limits should now work after towers are latched (they change to a different unit type)


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- Food is now dependent upon each faction's primary fortress. The fortress provides 125 food. Easterling's food is split between each tribal palace. After a fortress and any other 'food generating' buildings are destroyed, the faction will be left with 25 food.
- After a faction's fortress is destroyed, the CP's owned by that faction will be returned to neutral. They can be recaptured.
- CPs are now worth 15 gold, and fortress incomes average around 35 gold. This income curve is basically a 50/50 split between the LOTRC 11/12 income curves. We'd like to keep the game competitive, whilst minimizing steam-roll mechanics.
- Increased XP range to 2,000 which is just outside of Ranged Hero's attack range (1,800)
- Asjusted the 'achievement gold' for many simple tasks: Gandalf Freeing Theoden, etc.
- Added a new '-barter player color' command for allied players to encourage spending gold.
- Added a 'Game Guide' Quest for beginnners. There may be material in there that players are unaware of, but if you have played the game you are likely already familiar.
- Added an 'Oathbreaker Lord' unit to 'Army of the Dead' Ability. Nerfed Cooldown of 'Army of the Dead' slightly.
- Added 'Sleepless' a 20% 'Evasion' Ability to Oathbreakers.
- Added 'Those Who Are Dead' 'Orb of Corruption' -2 armor to Oathbreakers.
- Updated Dol Guldur Starting tooltip to include warning against crossing into Lothlorien.
- Added Armoured Troll HP Upgrades. Troll HP is now tiered to upgrades: 2400 start, 3000, 3600 and cost 175, 350g. Hopefully this nullifies some of the starting 'Sauron Forces' Dominance.
- Changed 'Morgul Watchers' (Minas Morgul outer wall towers) from 'poison attack' to 'frost attack'.
- Added a new Fortress Ability to Easterlings 'Den of Serpents': a 6000 range ability that spawns Neutral Hostile 'Wild Serpents'. The number of serpents is equal to the highest level of Ulfang/Qamara. Serpents have a 120s lifespan, and do not provide EXP.

- Siege Tower (latched) HPs
- Ungoliants tooltip fixed for Barad Dur and Dol Guldur
- Morgul Empowerment removed from Barad Dur
- Mirror Image Filter Debug Message
- 'Summon Beornings'
- Ithilien Ranger - Scout Mode Model was broken
- Minas Morgul Death - All Magical Orbs are now removed
- Minas Morgul granted to Dol Amroth's control after death.
- Dunlendings 'Westfold' movement bugs.

- Buffed 'War Horse' Breeding to 300 HP, decreased cost to 125g.
- Buffed Militia Bowman 'Anti Cavalry' mode AS
- Decreased cost of 'Long Bows' and 'Silverthorn Arrows' by 25g. Increased research duration to 60s.
- Reduced cost of Lothlorien's Galadrim to 24 g.
- Decreased 'Viper Arrows' poison Duration to 3.5s.
- Nerfed number of Shelob Orcs, and increased her cost.
- Decreased cost of campfire 'Healing Salve' to 24g.
- Increased 'Tower Guard' base armor.
- Decreased cost of 'Ungoliants Empowerment' to 100g.

The DL link is here: LOTR: Conquest Beta 16 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com

Feel free to provide feedback or suggestions on balancing or new content!


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- Added New Elf Event: Woodland Realmm, fanboy Legolas, and Woodland Archer elite which has a very short duration 'Silence' ability.
- The experience equation has been adjusted. Heroes should technically gain 10% more experience, but we will need feedback to confirm.
- Campfire model 'collision shape' has now been fixed. Now they should be targetable to attack.
- After one of your allies fortress has fallen, remaininig ally players fortress income will be increased by +25 gold.
- All gollum locations have been updated.
- Updated depth of water surrounding shallow water bridges. Should be much clearer now where the 'land bridge' pathing is.
- CP Locations are now revealed throughout the map. Hopefully this helps new players to locate direction in the game.
- Minor pathing updates in Lothlorien.
- Added many new creep locations.

- Moved southern Dol Guldur CP inside of fortress
- Elf unit costs updated Galadrim 26 / Archers 21
- Buffed 'Healing Wells' to 400 MP, Regen to 1.75, 0.75 MP for every 1 MP, and 3 HP for every 1 MP
- Galadrim MP Removed
- Defenses of Nenya will now turn off if 'Caras Galadhon' falls while it is active
- New CP added in Fangorn Forest near Isen's lumber camp
- Decreased Uruk Archer Attack Range to 900 from 1100
- Isengard - Orthanc blizzard +50 mana nerf
- Isengard Furnaces now cost 40 lumber to build
- Othanc 'A New Power' now costs 150 additional lumber each time it is cast
- Added multishot to Isengard's fortress towers
- Reduced Uruk Berserker 'Gunpowder Mines' to 3 minute duration, and nerfed damage slightly, they now also damage friendly units if triggered by enemies
- Slight decrease max AOE dmg of Sarumon spells. Decreased range of his abilities from 2000 to 1600
- Rohan unit costs updated Swordsman 21 / Spearmen 22
- Remove 'Anti Cavalry Arrows' Upgrade. Now a default ability
- Add small cleave to Rohirrim Swordsman. Hopefully this will make them no longer a meme unit.
- Added 25% Magic Resist Chainmail to Rohirrim/Edoras Archers to be more effective against Sarumon's AOE.
- Added 3 more Athelas patches for Eowyn's ability
- Awaken Fangorn is now only available to Rohan at 25 minutes game time, 5 minutes after it is available to Lothlorien.
- 'Grace of White Tree' buffed to +6 armor and now buffs +20% AS, to balance with 'Eye of Sauron'
- New CP added below Osgiliath, Deleted previous teal CP in middle of road
- Gandalf W 'Light of the Istar' - Slight Buff
- Easterling Workers can now build Easterling Towers. They are not multishot.
- Nerf Wainridera 'Ensnare' unit duration to 3s.
- Nazgul Wraiths/Riders: Nerfed a few of the Q and E spells, and decreased effectiveness of the 'Morgul Empowerment'

- Rohan Spearmen Attack Type - Corrected to Anti Large
- Orthanc can now train 'Rohan Workers', peasants removed.
- Removed Rohan Workers as LB / Teal
- Increased size of Gondor Towers. Now all should be repairable. Please report if you find any more.
- Free People's Campfires can now create potions.
- Ents cleave no longer hits allies
- Dunlendings Alliance should work now if Edoras is already dead.
- Elf 'Lightbearers' can no longer cast 'Transfer Power' onto enemy buildings.

The DL link is here: LOTR: Conquest Beta 17 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com

Feel free to provide feedback or suggestions on balancing or new content!


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LOTR Conquest 18 Change Log:

- All Research removed from Eastemnet, Dunharrow, and Westfold
- All 'Arrow' researches moved to research buildings.
- Woodland Realm Bridge Widened
- Rearranged hotkeys for structures
- Corrected hotkeys for research
- Many spelling errors in intros for all factions, reworded some intros, also mentioned critical units in the intros for noob players.

- 'Defenders of Minas Tirith' is now ranged, and summons knights instead of swordsmen
- Many new 'Defenders of Gondor/Rohan' abilities across all Rohan/Gondor the micro bases and fortress structures
- Balrog can now consume campfires for health

- 'Defenses of Nenya' now turns off
- Wall pathing of starting wall archers/trebuchets
- Grima Q 'Mirror Image' again works properly
- 'Eat Orc' filter added. No longer allows eating trolls


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LOTR Conquest 19 Change Log:

- New elite unit 'Black Numenorean' for Barad Dur and Dol Guldur
- New Dol Guldur 'Spider Scout' with 'True Sight'
- Widened MMorgul Inner Ring, Added MMorgul Gate
- New Defend ability for Isen spearmen (increase dmg output, immobilize)
- Added small bash to Uruk Berserkers. No extra damage, just short stun
- After Caras Galadhon dies, purple can no longer build healing wells
- Added a bunch of rocks around Edoras to help noobs with the pathing
- Slightly widened inner gap at Edoras
- Moved Edoras East gate to North side for better support from Rohirrim. Potentially will move back if worsens gameplay.
- New HP upgrades for each faction's catapult. Does not buff stationary trebuchets/ballistas
- All Fortresses can now see invisible units in their range: 1800.
- Added time restrictions to level 3+ upgrade tiers
- The last standing faction of a given losing team now only has 5 remaining rounds of income left before their income is removed from the game.
- Ring can no longer be dropped by ring heroes. Ring will only drop on death. Since people were apparently abusing this
- Healing wells no longer have healing aura whilst they are being built

- Buffed 'Tower Guard' Damage
- Buffed 'Woodland Archer' Damage
- Nerfed Easterling 'Scout' Windwalk to 30 second duration and long cooldown
- Increased Azogs 'Scars' range to 500
- Fixed Death Animation on Black Gate
- 'Open/Close Gate' ability is now only present after 3 seconds
- Added new pathing map to Minas Morgul Tower, hopeuflly this fixes unit routing issues.
- Nerfed 'Tears of the Valar' DPS Lv10/15, Nerfed 'Istar Shield' duration and cooldown
- Nerfed 'Shield of Rohan' duration, 'Throw Spear' range, and cooldown
- Nerfed 'Glory of Eorl' +AS and immunity
- Removed 'Summon Workers' from WK
- Nerfed 'Round of Ale' cooldown
- Nerfed Aragorn's 'Anduril' duration
- Nerfed Galadriel
- 'Armored Troll' Armor Upgrade decreased to +1 from +2 per upgrade
- Nerfed wraiths 'Death Mark' again
- Decreased gold cost of Siege Towers to 45g
- Decreased 'frost slow' duration of MMorgul towers
- Buffed swan knights: 'Charge', Damage, and decreased cooldown slightly of Numenorean Blood
- Decreased gold bounty of Beorn's summons: 'Boar'
- Eye of Gondor aura reduced back to +4 armor
- Increased range of Woodland Archer 'Silence'
- Left spearmen attack/defense the same this update
- Nerfed Healing well MP regen to 1.25
- Buffed Anti Cavalry Archers

- Isens 'New Power' should increase by 150 lumber per round now
- Lothlorien 'CP count' after Legolas is summoned has been corrected
- Fixed the "-income" function from a bug from 17
- Fixed a few strange bugs on the "-barter" function with yellow
- Woodland Realm CP is now invulnerable until Woodland Realm is summoned
- Fixed ramp pathing at Helms Deep. Again

DL Link:


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LOTR Conquest 21 Change Log:

- Removed militia from Rohan's summons
- Widened Westfold chokes
- Added campfire ability to Gorbag
- 'Will Breaker' E is now a Shadow Strike ability and moved to Q for 'Mouth of Sauron'
- Replaced Gamling's 'War Machines' R with new 'Arrow Volley'
- Replaced Lurtz's 'Multi Shot' R with 'Incredible Shot'

- Nerfed 'Round of Ale' cd to 75s, Nerfed 'Battlethirst Aura'
- Nerfed 'Thunderous Hooves' substantially, decreased AOE to 300
- Nerfed 'Glory of Eorl' cd, 'Battle Roar' cd and duration
- Nerfed Eorls HP, L6 Damage
- Nerfed Edoras 'Warhorse Training' HP to +200
- Increased pikemen/Numenorean 'Defend' MS
- Removed Erkenbrand 'Combat Training' - Now 'Resurrection'
- Nerfed 'Regain Strength' to 600 HP
- Buffed 'Scars of a Savage' AOE to 800, and damage reduction
- Buffed 'Woodland Archer' Damage
- Buffed 'Black Numenorean' Damage, changed to Heavy Armor
- Buffed 'Rogash' armor ability gives +200 HP per level, buffed Q, buffed R
- Gandalf Nerfs
- Q Chain Lightning reduced to single target, single bounce, now 'Lightning Bolt'
- E Shield replaced with Brilliance Aura, and nerfed MP of other spells slightly
- R 'Tears of Valar' AOE decreased to 1800
- Wizard's staff of power heal to 600 from 750, and cd to 90 s
- Narya changed to +4 armor cast, parallel to Boromir's 'Horn of Gondor'
- Buffed 'Flame of Mordor'
- Nerf 'Army of the Dead' cd to 300

- Lvl 10 Hero Notification. Tip now shows up only when a hero reaches level 10.
- 'Easterlings defeated' income bug
- Fixed yellow northern gate pathing
- 'Winning team income bug' never found. Only "-income" function was broken. The 'Income Distribute' and '-income' are separate triggers. Fixed the '-income' trigger. With income related bugs, next time provide replay since the income function is detailed.

Download: LOTR: Conquest 21 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com
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LOTR Conquest 22 Change Log:

- New descriptions within armor/attack tool tips.
- Late game heroes balanced to later game times.
- No longer states 'Restart WC3' in exit menu
- Replaced old music files wtih HQ versions, ~25 min total of HQ Stereo music files in the game. 22 file size much larger due to new music files.
- Added 'A Player Has Disconnected' notification after initial cut scene. Will notify all players if one of the players disconnected during loading.
- Added hero 'Ability Name' Text Tags. Can be turned off with the commands '-texton' and '-textoff'
- 'Hero armor' nerfed versus Piercing, Hero, Magic, and Spells
- Doubled All Hero Collision Sizes (still slightly smaller than Eorling Militia)
- Decreased '-mid' distance, changed commands to '-near', '-mid', '-far'
- New 'Anti Team-Kill Fortress' trigger
- Hero EXP Range buffed to 2500 (from 2000)
- Decreased Leadership Aura to 1000 range
- Destroyed buildings now grant EXP
- 'Summoned Unit EXP Multipler' reduced from 100% to 60%
- Reward Servant / Ally now flat 1500 EXP, no longer 3 levels
- The loser of a CP transfer now gets 10 gold (anti-abuse trigger added as well)
- Slight Buff to 'Fortified' armor types from 'Siege' attacks

- Added 'Sundering Blades' buff vs Cavalry armor passive to pikemen
- Added 'Landed' form to Gwahir, adjusted HP/MP regens
- Added 'Eagle's Net' Item that can be created at the Siege buildings
- Endless Armies moved to 10 min decreased cost by 50, Endless Armies decrease cost of pikemen now
- New Advanced Campfire / Regen: 3/5 HP/s 40s upgrade. Gondor campfires can be upgraded to white foutnains as well.
- Decrease Repair Time on Catapults to 60s
- Added Level 2 Fire Arrows
- Added 45s cooldown to 'land/fly' morph abilities for L10 units
- Nerfed Aimed Shot cd to 35s
- Buffed 'Healing Salve' to 25 seconds (from 45)

- New Alatar Spawn location
- New Weaker staff item (w/ heal) added to Alatar
- Qamara - 'Evasion' moved to Item
- Dol Guldur 'Spiderling Scout' now has 'Ambush' ability for invis
- Matched Hobbit, Dol Guldur Spider, and Crebain Scout MS. Now all of them are 'fly' so hobits/spider can now pass through trees/ground units/etc, removed Scout Spider attack
- Added Lurtz 'campfire'
- Added Isengard Pillage Ability to Warriors and Riders. Pillage gold will only be granted proportional to these 2 units attacks on a building. (Pillage Gold) = (Building DMG % done by Pillage Units)x(Gold Cost for Building)
- Added Furnace 'Burrow' ability for Isen labourers
- Mouth 'Dark Ward' moved to item, 'Black Words' moved to T
- Mouth 'Will Breaker' Q renamed to 'Barrow Blade'
- Mouth 'Will Breaker' aura, brought back, and added to Mouth of Sauron E
- Buffed Shelob R Stun Duration / Added Ambush
- Gorbag, and Legolas now have a bow item with an aim shot, no stun
- Gorbag 'Barbed Arrows' replaced with Hunters Net
- Gorbag 'Ambush' moved to cloak Item
- Buffed 'eat orc' HP, Reduced 'eat orc' cd
- Cirith Ungol is now a troop base, and added multi-shot
- Minas Morgul now limited to 2 Ringwraiths until 10 minutes. At 10 minutes, 2 Ringwraiths are automatically summoned and the limit is relaxed to 4.

- Added Stampede R to Arwen
- Arwen - New T Ability Scouting Ward
- Changed Arwen 'cloud' to % cahnce missed attacks instead of prevents attacks
- Added new 'Morph' ability to Legolas R
- New Legolas bow item - aimed shot no stun
- New Eorling Spearman
- New Eowyn / Ulfang Ultimate - +30 Armor 10s spell for Eowyn, 35s cd
- Rearranged Theoden's Bash to E and Kingsmen to W
- Moved Eomer Inspiration Aura to Theoden
- Eomer new 'Crippling Strike' melee Q ability, Eomer 'Ensnare' moved to a net item
- New Helm's Deep Mine Explosion Trigger - Destroy the wall's 'Culvert' unit, then the mine trigger is turned on. Added info icons to Orthanc/Helms Deep Fortresses.
- Gandalf has to defeat a few untis, Grima, and Teoden to cure Theoden
- New Faramir Ultimate - Ranger's Tent
- Aragorn has to defeat a few oathbreakers to obtain 'Oathbreakers'
- Removed True Sight from Ith Rangers not in 'Scout'
- New Prince Imrahil Item - Armor Negative MP regen against evil DOES NOT DROP
- Corinir new item with 'Dust of Appearances'
- Added 'Command Soldiers' T to Corinir

- Nerfed Ulfang Regen Aura
- Buffed Qamara's Q
- Increased Azog 'Command Warriors' T to 18 units
- Buffed Dol Guldur orcs 'Defend'
- Re-tuned Troll 'Pulverize' 25% 100/200/200 (for all orc factions)
- Nerfed cd of Sarumon's spells
- Summon Grima increased to 200 gold
- Reduced Grima Initial Level
- Gave Sharku 'Melee Strike' and rearrangee battle bond / warg pack / removed critical strike
- Decreased HP of Isen Berserkers to 1100. 'Berserk' now takes +30% damage.
- Nerfed Uruk's March slight
- Gothmog 'Battle Roar' nerfed
- Nerfed Nazgul Ring Active Ability 'Devour' damage to 400 from 600.
- Nerfed 'Tower of Sorcery' to 25 HP/s
- 'Fel Beast' cost increased to 300g

- Nerfed Arwen 'Mist' Q MS
- Nerfed Treebeard Etangling Roots Duration (units and heroes)
- Moved Leadership Aura to Erkendbrand from Eomer
- Buffed Eomer/Arwen Stampede R to 10 seconds.
- Fixed Gamling's R ability
- Deleted Leadership Aura from Gamling
- Sons of Eorl 'thunderous hooves' increased 'max damage' to 300
- Buffed Eorling DPS
- Nerfed Boromir Heal
- Buff Gondor buildings armor
- Buffed Gandalf v WK/Fel Beast Ability
- Wizards Staff Healing cd nerfed to 120s from 90s.

- Fixed Campfire 'Birth' Animation Collision Shape

- Qamara not undead. Grima was already not undead.
- Lurtz Q/R Hotkeys / Abilities
- Sarumon fireball level skip
- Azog Abilities - Fixed Buff Icons (Abilities were fine, icons were bugged)
- Fixed Azog 'Assault' cd bug
- Black Numenoreans armor changed to 'Heavy Armor'
- Fixed Mouth 'flame of mordor' cd
- Fixed Mordor 'wall archer' movement (Reforged Update Bug)

- Added Eowyn Battle Bond Cooldown
- Removed Campfires 'Gondorian Stonework'
- Minor Minas Tirith pathing problems fixed
- Added 'Ith Rangers' and 'Tower Guardsmen' to 'Gondor Stables'
- Summoned Swan Knights no longer count towards the 12 unit max. Summoned swan knights take 600 dmg from Nazgul ring dispel (cd of 120s)

- Gondor Buildings now have Death Animations
- Deleted 'Teleport' Sound at Minas Tirith
- Added Multi-shot icon for towers
- Removed Grey 'vorpal blades' indication
- Change 'Fel Blades' Fel Wight to Burrow Wight 'green color'
- Change Qamara/Grima 'Mirror Image' ability name to 'Clever Disguise'
- Updated Models / Portraits
- Change Alatar 'Dark Ceremony' wight to green tinted unit
- Added yellow orb model to TowerGuard when Age of Man cd is reset. Added orb model to Tower Guards shoulders when resurrection ability 'Age of Man' is active (model resets after cd expires)

Theodred - Green - 15 Min Hero
- Q Warriors fortitude(Avatar renamed) - 5/10/15/20 sec avatar 5/10/15/20 dmg + 2/3/4/5 armor (mana 75-100ish)
- W Rally the people(Cast on building to spawn 3x milltia 1x horse type unit 1x archer) Not sure how hard this would be to trigger but consider it
- E Clever Trap
- R Armor AOE Buff Active 15/20
- T Scout, Quick reveal
Elfhelm - Yellow Spear Thrower - 30 Min Hero
- Q Marshal's Strike Mana Burn
- W Battle Bond (Move Battle Bond from Eowyn, Give Eowyn Critical Strike)
- E Evasion ? Battle training - 7/18/27/35% dodge
- R Royal Guardsmen 3min cd, Summons 3 permanent 'Royal Guard', up to unit limit
- T Marshal of the East-mark - 15% passive true shot aura
Forlong - LB - 30 Min Hero
- Q Throw Spear
- W Battle Roar
- E Lord's Aura - Same as Ulfang's for stats
- R Gondor Chariot - Wagon unit is a mobile campfire that moves slow, and has a timed life. Healing aura is smaller than campfire, and scales
- T Lord's Focus - Faerie Fire Grants Vision of a unit and reduces it's armor
Hirluin - Teal Archer - 30 Min Hero
- Q Aimed Shot
- W Focus fire - (Reskinned alchemist acid bomb with no effects) Instantly reduces armor by 2/4/6/8, cd 18 sec
- E Searing arrows - 20/30/40/50 8/10/12/14 mana
- R BlackRoot Vale Archers
- T 'Phase Shift' Dodge Attacks for mana
Suladan - Easterling Assasin - 30 Min Hero
- Q Crippling Strike
- W Poison Dart
- E Call Upon Riders
- R 'Assault'
- T Ambush

Banner Carrier - Oj/Pink/DG/Grey - 4 Max
- 'Slow' Autocast
- 'Bloodlust' Autocast
- Trueshot Aura
Variag Archer - Easterling - 10 Max
- Sprint
- Arrow Upgrade to +10 base damage
Castellan - Dol Guldur - 5 Max
- Windwalk
- Blink
- Evasion
- Lifesteal
Dark Ranger - Sauron's Forces - Unsure of Factions atm - 8 max
- Longer Range than Elven Archers
- Critical Strike
AOE Mode for archers (reduced dmg but AOE)

Axemen of Lossarnach - LB - 8 Max
- Cleave
- Heavy Armor
- Shield Bash
Blackroot Vale Archers - Teal - 12 Max
- Scout
- Cunning Trap - Stasis Trap
Gondor Lieutenant - LB/Teal - Buffy Support Footman - 3 Max
- Defend
- Inspire Soldiers - Sprint
- Blind - 'Curse' causes Target Enemy to Miss 20% chance
- Heavy Armor

Download: LOTR: Conquest 22 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com
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LOTR Conquest 23 Change Log:

- Added a new 'Single Player Mode' with commands. Allows single player to control all players, level heroes, test units. Must be loaded with all other players set to 'computer' to operate properly.
- Lieutenant - Warriors, changed to 'sprint' with short duration
- Nazgul Rings no longer drop

- Nerfed Treebread roots + Aoe Stun, Haldir aimbolt + aoe stun, Legolas aimbolt
- Reduced 'Blind' duration on Lieutenant
- Increased Balrog 'Consume Campfire' range to 450, Buffed Balrog HP/s regen to 5 from 2, Fixed Balrog collision shape
- Decreased cost / buffed MS, HP of Dark Rangers
- Reduced spell damage versus heroes
- Removed 'War Training' from Tower Guard/Galadrim, too OP

- Fixed Easterling Archer Viper Mode
- Barad Dur - Dark Ranger Summon Event (Num instead of rangers)
- Ability text tags now only show for heroes.
- Fixed Net item for Sauron Forces
- Minor tooltips

Download: LOTR: Conquest 23 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com


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LOTR Conquest 24 Change Log:

- Updated hero ability and hero unit ability Tooltips. Let me know if any of them are broken. Many thanks to @QuestionMarc
- Gollum spawns at a random time between 30 and 40 minutes. All players are notified when he becomes present.
- New Rohan fort 'Aldburg' with Easterling Capture Event

- Added weak snake ability to Variag Archers
- Dark Rangers now have a sprint ability
- Added Eat Orc T to Rogash
- Pink starts with 2 Numenoreans, and removed event requirement
- Nazgul items no longer drop.

- Fixed Purple and Orange Hero Control Group Priorities
- Reduce Theodred in Net "life duration" by 20 seconds
- Nerf Summoned Quillbeast DPS
- New Trebuchet Spacing trigger, 1000 Radius min
- New Trebuchet Model with 1000 Radius during construction (a dummy unit -> replaced with real treb unit -> worker builds actual treb)
- Dummy Trebuchet (with 1000 radius) will spawn then get removed and will be replaced with a real trebuchet and built by the same worker.

- Deleted howl from 2nd naz, Gave him 'Restore Minion'
- Buffed Troll Armor to 11+2 from 7+1
- Buffed Banner Carrier MP/s and MP
- Buffed Castellan to Heavy armor (5+2), 1500 HP,
- Dark Rangers cost reduced to 150 gold
- Nerf Bloodlust to +15% AS

- Nerfed Anti Cav Archers slightly
- Decreased Beorn event cost to 200 gold
- Nerf Aragorn Athelas to 300-400-500-600, 100-110-130-150 MP, 35 cd
- Changed Aragorn Valor to 100-175 DMG, 8-14 Target, 125-140 MP, cd 30
- Nerf Trebuchet missile speed slight
- Nerf Burning Oil Cost
- Nerf Trebuchet cost
- Nerf Tower Guard cost

- Removed 'bloodlust' cast on catapults
- Remove Axement War Training T Tooltip
- Fix Dark Ranger 'upgrades' to ranged
- Fixed 'Ungoliants' upgrade to work on Shelob (Barad Dur)

- 'Glory of Eorl' no longer makes immune
- Elven Ring Reveal 40min ability - Now Fixed
- Nerfed Swan Knight Charge - to Non-Immune
- Deleted extra starting Minas Tirith spearman for LB

- New Theoden model
- Updated Armored Troll Model (pulverize model)
- Updated 'Glory of Eorl' buff model
- Updated Variag 'Charge' buff model

Download: LOTR: Conquest 24 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com
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LOTR Conquest 25 Change Log:

- Heroes are no longer removed from the game when a player leaves
- Creep kills EXP reset to 100%
- Modified EXP equation again. Introduced 4 hero max, reduced leveling decay rate. Should be a lot better for heroes to continue to gain EXP relative to the previous version which had some limitations
- Item stacking enabled (was disabled for some reason)
- New 'Reward Ally" abilities, basically cant be cast on enemy heroes
- New 250 HP / 200 MP purchasable potions from campfire/wells.
- Paths of the Dead has been terrained and creeps added.
- Southern Umbar base and island has been terrained within the great sea but is not yet an event.
- A new event has been added related to the Isengard Dam. Once Fangorn Awakens event has been triggered the Isen Dam becomes vulnerable, if destroyed Northern Good team gains gold and the Pits of Isengard are flooded and Saruman can no longer use his "A New Power" ability to summon free units.
- A new upgrade has been added which increases archer base damage by +4, however Fire Arrows only only has 1 level rather than 2. Effects Gondor, Dol Amroth, Dol Guldur, Baradur and Minas Morgul factions.
- Barad-dur faction can now construct the great siege weapon, Grond after 10 minutes. The Grond has powerful abilities and cannot be revived.
- Gandalf The White Requires 20 minutes game time instead of 10, he has +10 base damage Tears of Valar damage increased from 65 to 70.
- Corinir, Captain of Pelagir is available at 10 minutes instead of 20.

- Added starting berserkers to Isen
- Rogash now has 'Rock Throw' instead of 'War Strike'
- Decreased tree lumber value from 100 to 80
- Added new forest areas around Isen/Westfold to encourage Isen expansion
- Added some additional trees to the Mirkwood forest
- Increased max banner carriers to 6
- Added a 3 target 150 HP Chain Heal ability to Banner Carriers
- Isengard Buildings within the Fortress are destroyed when grey loses control of Orthanc. (This means enemy players dont have to spend ages destroying everything after conquering the main tower).
- Dark Rangers has been downgraded from an event to a normal research and moved to Orc Outposts rather than a capital research. It only spawns Dark Rangers rather than additional units, gold cost has been lowered from 150 to 100. Spawns 5 Dark rangers instead of 4. (It was felt that this event is not impactful enough to be classed as a full event and feels like more of a research.)

- New creatable 150 MP Potions, from Galadriel's Mirror
- Raised limit on hobbit scout and scout spiderling to 6
- Reduced Build Time on hobbit scout and scout spiderling to 12 s
- Gondor workers can now construct 'Watch Towers'

- Increased melee/ranged upgrade duration / increments
- Reduced eagles net duration to 6s for heroes, should help WK in net

- Orc Warriors base HP has been increased from 525 to 565 (40), this is to make them more effective when massed.
- Buffed Sarumon Spell Range to 1800 from 1600
- Reduced max Berserkers to 10
- Recruit Castellans reduced to 150 gold
- Isengard Orc Labourer Summons no longer take food
- Grima is now a ranged hero
- Granted Grima additional starting HP
- Reduced 'Morgul Watcher' Minas Morgul towers Attack Speed
- Witch King now stars off with a healing consumable item.
- CD of Isengard's Palintir reduced from 35 to 20 seconds.
- As the game progresses, Isengards Crebain summon gains more HP. (This allows the ability to still be relevant even late game.)
- Shelob's base HP increased from 750 to 1050 (+300) and model scale increased.
- Gorbags Broadhead Arrows mana cost decreased from 7 to 4.
- 2 additional wall archers have been added to the Black Gate.

- Nerfed purp mana drain range to 600
- Nerfed repair time on gondor fountain from 60s to 100s
- Nerfed Hirluin's Mana Drain to 325 L4
- Grant Blackroot Vale Archers for free at 5 minutes
- A camp fire has been added to the inner ring of Edoras.

- Removed lens flare on dead Loth Lightbearers
- Fixed Lothrien camera pan to Hirluin (teal hero)
- Fixed 'DEBUG' message on Woodland Realm Death
- Fixed Beorn change form Bonus HP bug. Cant fix the 'Change Form' tooltip, will always say 'Bear Form'
- WK Ring, Hoarmurath ring no longer drops

- New Sarumon model with correct weapon lens flare attachment
- The Gwaihir Eagle has a new Portrait Picture.
- The Fel Beast has a new Portrait Picture.

Download: LOTR: Conquest 25 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com
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LOTR Conquest 26 Change Log:

- New 10 second pause at beginning of game
- New observer slots
- Reduce cost of troop/research buildings to 15g
- Lots of Tooltip updates

- New L10 Sarumon rewards: Olog Hai Troll unit for Isengard - Max 4, and Orthanc abilities increased to global range
- New Isengard Dam Base created when the dam becomes vulnerable

- Added Wainriders 'Ensnare' to Sons of Eorl
- Added 'Charge' ability from Dark Rangers to Galadhrim

- Mana potions now 2x stack at camp fire
- Increased cost of Galadhrim to 28g
- Buffed HP regen rate of elf units from .25 to 1.0
- Glory of Eorl buffed to 90s cd
- Buffed Aragorn 'Army of the Dead' ability cd

- Nerfed Isen Furnace 'Battle Stations' limit to 2 Labourers. Only works on trained labourers
- Nerfed Sarumon 'Flame Strike' casting time to 1.5s from 0.7s
- Suladan W 'Black Dart' changed to DMG/Armor buff ward

- Faramir 'Rangers Tent' Bug
- 'A New Power' Bug (was castable by Free Peoples)
- Fixed Collision Shapes: Sarumon/Azog/Rohan Watch Tower/Isengard Tower/Orc Watch Tower/Trebuchet/Wheeled Trebuchet

Download: LOTR: Conquest 26 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com
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Sadly, Because of his story(The Lord of the Rings), our Platform may refuse our team to upload LotRC on it. And I think this just Happened recently... but it still retains other maps of the same story. Even more sadder now:rolleyes:... So sick of these things...
But no doubt, it a great map...;) Please allow our team to translate it for Chinese players. We will upload it on Platform When we have the chance.


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Each Marshmallow map gets it's single player testing more and more shafted. LTA worked fine at first and then slowly got more buggy. LTF had it's saves fucked, but eventually fixed the maps problem with "Tooltip missing" buttons if a computer isn't on the faction. KTA needs Computers to fully 100% (With a number of small issues if you don't have any), like LTF. Then we get to this where the Single player testing doesn't even start without Computer players. Why do you need to make it that you need computer players to test? All that they do is make testing harder and downright unbearable. I would much rather have a few "Tooltip" missing buttons rather than the AI fucking up my testing and for researching events just use the "Synergy" cheat.

I wish I could test this inbetween testing AW, but sadly it seems like I have to stick to LTF as my side testing map :(


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LOTRC Single Player 'computer' slots are only necessary for shared control - the trigger that 'grants shared control and vision'. Otherwise, shared control is not granted. I guess I could try to make the empty players 'computer controlled' prior to the share control/vision trigger action. I'm not sure how other maps execute this trigger since I do not have a copy of the other maps / did not ask the devs how this is performed in their maps.
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The 'computer' control requirement is currently in place since I do not know how to execute a 'share all players control' trigger properly without messing up each faction's tech tree.

When using the trigger action: 'change player controller' status to 'computer', the tech trees end up getting screwed up for every faction and one can train non-faction units at each ally building. Since a majority of the factions share buildings but have separate tech trees.

Currently, Without this 'computer controller change' , When setting the faction one wishes to control to computer in the lobby, this tech-tree sharing issue does not come up.