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LotRC: Map Updates


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We've been making great progress on LOTRC! The following are the change logs after version 11.


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General Changes
- Black Gate Now a Unit with a dope animation (was doodad)
- Edoras Gates Widened
- Barad-Dur Bridge Widened
- Ground Pathing revised at many fortess 'chokepoints'
- Helms Deep pathing revised
- Ground Pathing updated all over map and in every base
- To help long distance unit-pathing, added Pathing Blockers River north of Cair Andros, Helms Deep Mountain Range.
- Added Pathing blockers from Dol Amroth over White Mountains, they only work for units moving to Edoras (Not Helms Deep). This is the best it's going to get. Added some sight emitters 'White Mountain Sentry's: Behind Minas Tirith to help with pathing.
- Added Doodads and corrected all pathing at Sun Dome Area.
- Collision sizes of heroes corrected.
- Osgiliath Bridge Pathing Fixed.
- Lorien Bridge Pathing Fixed.
- Added a give gold chat message trigger. Syntax: "-gg player color #"
- Added Time Inquiry "-time" returns the elapsed game time.
- Added 'Dunlendings Enthralled' Inquiry "-dun" returns if dunlendings have been enthralled.
- Added 'Defenses of Nenya' Inquiry "-nenya" returns if defenses of nenya have been activated.
- Updated Models:
Siege Pit
Rohan Archer
Easterling Catapult
Royal Guard
Sons of Eorl
Witch King
Fel Beast
Fixed Treebeard/Ents Selection Shape

Gameplay Changes
- New income system. All CPs are now worth 11 gold, and players start with a 'fortress' income depending upon their faction. If your primary fortress is destroyed you also lose your fortress income entirely. Easterlings are the only exception, their 'fortress income' is split between their two starting 'Tribal Palaces'. We hope that decreasing the income curve will encourage more balanced gameplay, and less 'Steam Roll' advantages.
- Added 'Rohirrim Swordsman', a cavalry swordsman, New starting melee cavalry for Edoras/Rohirrim
- Changed 'Rohan Rider' to 'Rohan Spearman', a cavalry spearman unit for Edoras/Rohirrim
- Changed 'Anti Cavalry Bowman' to a 30s mode for Rohan archers. Missile/Buff art added.
- Easterling 'Viper Mode' now a required upgrade. Added Easterling 'Viper Mode' Buff Art. Nerfed Easterling Viper Mode, unfair damage stacking.
- Azog The Defiler Added as a Starting Hero to Dol Guldur.
- Added the 9th Nazgul as a hero, now summonable by Dol Guldur at 20 minutes
- The 9th nazgul has the same stats as DG's starting nazgul, but starts with Ring of Power with a 'Devour Inspiration' cast ability. 3/12s Hero/Units.
- Gothmog is now a summonable hero for MMorgul at 10 minutes
- Shelob now a summonable hero for Barad-Dur, 20 minutes. Players must feed her orcs at her nest near Cirith Ungol to unlock her.
- New Nazgul Screech Caster/Buff Art.
- Changed 'Tower Guard' back to 'Heavy' armor.
- Changed 'Royal Guard' back to 'Chainmail'.
- Added a Minas Tirith 'Siege Tower' as new trainable unit for MMorgul/BaradDur. TOWERS ONLY WORK on the Minas Tirith exterior wall. There are many locations.
- Towers latch irreversibly to the wall, and can only be climbed by friendly units if the tower's hitpoints > 50. There are many excluded units.
- Buffed Trebuchet's Armor slightly, reduced minimum range, and added 2 more to Minas Tirith walls to help combat siege towers.
- New 'Climb Down' ability for siege tower. Only Heroes can 'Climb Down' the tower, and only if they are close enough. 'Climb Down' Ability has a 60s cooldown.
- Added 'Grace of the Whtie Tree' global fortress Ability to Minas Tirith. Similar to 'Eye of Sauron'. Adds 4 armor to nearby units.
- Non-Combat HP/MP potion now available at campfires.
- Added 'Trusight' to Spiders of Mirkwood
- Maximum Training set to 4 for 'Crebain Scout' / 'Hobbit Scout'
- White Fountain's 'Healing Waters' autocast has been turned off by default.
- Added new 'Ranger's Volley' short range / small AOE ability to Ithilien Ranger's. Added mana to Ithilien Rangers to control usage of this spell.
- New armor type for ents. Same stats. But no longer 'fortified' type which allowed them to be mis-targeted by default.
- Added Khamul Ring 'Silence' ability
- Added El Murazor Ring 'Sorcerer's Aura' ability
- Added Akhorahil Ring 'Devour Magic' ability
- Added Campfire to MMorgul camp
- Added 'Gather Athelas' ability to Eowyn.
- Added Will Breaker - Negative Brilliance Aura for Mouth of Sauron
- Updated Dunlendings Attack Sequence, Less Trickle Feeding
- Granted full control of Dunlending's to Isengard if Edoras is destroyed.
- Added minor gollum buffs, increased MS, some evasion. Will add simple AI next time I mod.
- Fel Beast AOE Attack - Switched to a passive

Balance Changes
- Buffed Balrog damage, increased immolation duration and AOE, Decreased cost to 350g.
- Nerfed Mumakil damage and passive 'Huge Tusks' AOE
- Nerfed Eagle lightning Cooldown
- Doubled Fel Beast Landed HP Regen
- Nerfed Ithilien Rangers passive 'bash' down to 15%
- Nerfed global Archers vs Spearmen damage by 15%.
- All Summoned units now have timed life. Summoned workers are the only exception.
- Reduced Cost of Troll Stone Thrower, Buffed Passive Bash to 25%, increased HP to 1200. Hopefully makes this unit playable again.
- Buffed Shelob Abilities / Increased MS / Fixed Collission Size / New lvl 10 Ability
- Buffed Lord of the Iron Trolls Abilities / Increased MS / Fixed Collision Size
- Nerfed 'Witch King's 'Shadow Bolt' MS Factor and cooldown
- Nerfed Hoarmurath's 'Desolation Aura' DPS and AOE, Added a buff icon.
- Increased Range of Barad-Dur's 'Fortress Aura' to extend just beyond the Black Gate.
- Increased Range of Dol Guldur's 'Morgul Binding' to just outside the primary land bridge
- Increased Orthanc 'Send Forth Ice' max possible damage, decreased range slightly.
- Nerfed Gandalf 'Shield' Duration
- Nerfed Eowyn 'Shield' Duration
- Nerfed Galadriel abilities, Nerfed Galadriel 'Nenya' resurection to 5 minutes.
- Nerfed 'Combat Training' cooldown
- Balanced 'Anduril' ability
- Nerfed 'Rohirrim Charge' ability slightly
- Nerfed Gandalf's 'Shield' Duration
- All Palantir's duration/cd normalized
- Buffed Ent Moot & House of Beorn armor

Bug Fixes
- Beorn Bear Form
- Minas Morgul 'Tower of Sorcery' Ability Randomly Turning Off
- Helms Deep Wall Trigger
- All Rally Point Icons now hidden
- New Campfires now have Healing Auras
- Minas Tirith Teleport Bug
- 'Defend' Abilities re-worded from 'Reflect' to 'Deflect'. There is no damage 'reflection' in 'Defend'
- Dropped Items are no longer destructable.
- Aimed Bolt +300 unit dmg trigger
- Burning projectiles no longer do damage to friend/allies


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- Nazgul Screech debug tip hidden
- Helms deep wall terrain fixed
- Lembas Bread / Rotten Meat now can be restacked to 3x in inventory
- Balrog timed life
- Azog R spell fixed
- Shelob R spell fixed
- Give gold from Mordor tooltip fixed
- Minas Tirith random Shop Icon removed
- Ent armor tooltip fixed
- Rooted ents model fixed

- Siege towers now available only after 15 minutes
- Siege towers buffed by 200 HP
- Added list of color commands in quest.


- Akhorahil Changed Form model fixed
- Mouth of Sauron Level


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- Buffed Black Gate & Minas Tirith Gate HP and Increased Repair Time
- New 'normal' ability for Gandalf 'Binding Light' to ground and hold enemy air units for 3s.
- Decreased cost of 'Siege Tower' to 65 gold
- Added 2 starting Ithilien rangers to Cair Andros
- Increased all Fortress buildings priority, Now will be selected as first unit in a building group
- Adjusted all hero, unit, and building Priorities.
- Nerfed 'Eye of Sauron' and 'Grace of the White Tree' Duration to 40s
- Increased damage and AOE of Akhorahil's 'Devour Inspiration'

- Orange Endless Armies
- Edoras & Rohirrim training Rohan Workers corrected, no more 'Peasants'
- Azog Puncture. Apparently casting time cannot be set to '0' on shadow strike :kek:
- Gothmog Spawn Camera
- Siege Tower Maximum # limits should now work after towers are latched (they change to a different unit type)


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- Food is now dependent upon each faction's primary fortress. The fortress provides 125 food. Easterling's food is split between each tribal palace. After a fortress and any other 'food generating' buildings are destroyed, the faction will be left with 25 food.
- After a faction's fortress is destroyed, the CP's owned by that faction will be returned to neutral. They can be recaptured.
- CPs are now worth 15 gold, and fortress incomes average around 35 gold. This income curve is basically a 50/50 split between the LOTRC 11/12 income curves. We'd like to keep the game competitive, whilst minimizing steam-roll mechanics.
- Increased XP range to 2,000 which is just outside of Ranged Hero's attack range (1,800)
- Asjusted the 'achievement gold' for many simple tasks: Gandalf Freeing Theoden, etc.
- Added a new '-barter player color' command for allied players to encourage spending gold.
- Added a 'Game Guide' Quest for beginnners. There may be material in there that players are unaware of, but if you have played the game you are likely already familiar.
- Added an 'Oathbreaker Lord' unit to 'Army of the Dead' Ability. Nerfed Cooldown of 'Army of the Dead' slightly.
- Added 'Sleepless' a 20% 'Evasion' Ability to Oathbreakers.
- Added 'Those Who Are Dead' 'Orb of Corruption' -2 armor to Oathbreakers.
- Updated Dol Guldur Starting tooltip to include warning against crossing into Lothlorien.
- Added Armoured Troll HP Upgrades. Troll HP is now tiered to upgrades: 2400 start, 3000, 3600 and cost 175, 350g. Hopefully this nullifies some of the starting 'Sauron Forces' Dominance.
- Changed 'Morgul Watchers' (Minas Morgul outer wall towers) from 'poison attack' to 'frost attack'.
- Added a new Fortress Ability to Easterlings 'Den of Serpents': a 6000 range ability that spawns Neutral Hostile 'Wild Serpents'. The number of serpents is equal to the highest level of Ulfang/Qamara. Serpents have a 120s lifespan, and do not provide EXP.

- Siege Tower (latched) HPs
- Ungoliants tooltip fixed for Barad Dur and Dol Guldur
- Morgul Empowerment removed from Barad Dur
- Mirror Image Filter Debug Message
- 'Summon Beornings'
- Ithilien Ranger - Scout Mode Model was broken
- Minas Morgul Death - All Magical Orbs are now removed
- Minas Morgul granted to Dol Amroth's control after death.
- Dunlendings 'Westfold' movement bugs.

- Buffed 'War Horse' Breeding to 300 HP, decreased cost to 125g.
- Buffed Militia Bowman 'Anti Cavalry' mode AS
- Decreased cost of 'Long Bows' and 'Silverthorn Arrows' by 25g. Increased research duration to 60s.
- Reduced cost of Lothlorien's Galadrim to 24 g.
- Decreased 'Viper Arrows' poison Duration to 3.5s.
- Nerfed number of Shelob Orcs, and increased her cost.
- Decreased cost of campfire 'Healing Salve' to 24g.
- Increased 'Tower Guard' base armor.
- Decreased cost of 'Ungoliants Empowerment' to 100g.

The DL link is here: LOTR: Conquest Beta 16 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com

Feel free to provide feedback or suggestions on balancing or new content!