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LotRC: Map Updates


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LOTR Conquest 27 Change Log:

- Added Gandalf the Grey at 10 minutes game time. At 20 minutes, Gandalf the White becomes available. Both Gandalfs can free Theoden. If Gandalf the Grey dies he may come back as Gandalf the White but will cost the full hero gold price (300g), as opposed to 150 gold if he is still alive
- There is now a new system for when players leaves, the game will transfer complete ownership of a faction to a player which shares a similiar tech tree. Example: If Edoras leaves then Helms Deep get their units, if Barad Dur leaves Minas Morgul gets their units, etc. (Untested in multiplayer)
- When Gollum takes damage, his location is now 'spotted' and is revealed to all players and pinged on the map for 30 seconds.

- Advanced Healing Aura from Advanced Campfire / White Fountain now affects 'friendly units'. Tooltips updated. Regular campfire still only affects player units
- Allied Player left reward increased to 600g
- Player Name updated to 'Abandoned' after leaving the game
- Buffed the EXP equation again.
- Game Guide Updated with 'income modifications' information
- New '-lumber' command for Sauron's Forces. Returns the Isengard 'estimated lumber rate per minute' over the last minutes.
- All buildings now grant EXP upon destroying them
- Standardized minimum range on all catapults set to 750
- New 'Select Hero' Ability on campfires / fountains where items are sold
- Campfire Potions decreased to 35 g
- Galadriel / Sauron now have 'true sight' - No Icon
- 'Morgul Breath', 'Bloodlust', 'Blind' turned to default autocast
- Added sight blockers to prevent Easterlings from catapulting Alburg from across the river at start
- XP range increased to 3000 from 2500
- All buildable Guard towers build time increased to 50 seconds.
- Caras Galadhon becomes invulnerable while defenses of Nenya are active to stop base aim.
- Elves now have a buildable Guard Tower.
- If Minas Tirith is destroyed then all structures belonging to Minas Tirith inside its vicinity are also destroyed (This stops protracted sieges post capital destruction)

- Ring buffed to +25 stats
- L10 Flying units: Fel Beast / Eagle build time nerfed to 120 s

- When upgraded 'White Fountains' now start with 750 MP instead of 0 MP
- 'Rally Soldiers' buffed
- Buffed Theodred 'Warriors Fortitude'
- Buffed Hornburg Aura to 120s and allows buildings
- Gwahir cost increased to 300 g to match Fel Beast

- Added 'Summon Workers' item to Sauron
- Sauron 'Presence of the Master' now includes player and friendly units
- Easterling buildings can now fast build
- Easterlings now start with 2 catapults instead of 4
- Easterling Variag Riders nerfed by ~20% DPS
- Buffed Troll hero 'Spiked Armor'
- Khamul 'Silence' buffed to 20 s duration
- Buffed Orthanc Takeover to < 500 HP
- Balrog cost decreased to 250 from 350 g
- Adjusted gold cost of some elites: Castellan-50, Berserker-45

- 'a player has been disconnected from the game' notification no longer appears
- Fixed the random bugs/spelling errors posted
- Gather Athelas abuse bug
- 'Reward EXP' multiple cast bug
- Hidden Trees Bug
- Control Points are now classified as units instead of buildings (Ensures they are not accidently destroyed during structure kill triggers).

- Ring carrier now has buff art
- Rivendell and Umber terraining completed. Will incorporate into events in next patch. Visible in single player.
- Defenses of Nenya has its own passive icon when active.
- Fixed HP bar Z height on Easterling Archer and Elven Ballista

Download: LOTR: Conquest 27 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com


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LOTR Conquest 28 Change Log:

- When a player leaves, All of the player units are no longer transferred to a similar ally player. This also prevents tech trees from mixing between players (and fixes the no limit Balrog bug).
- Added 'Attack Move All Units' Fortress Ability to the primary fortress Item Slot 1
- Added Unit Inventory to Banner Carrier
- Units with Inventory can now use items
- When Fire/Silverthorn Arrows are Upgraded now Autocast is activated for the players current units
- There is no longer a 'Player Disconnected' Notification since it is not working properly with the recent WC3 update.
- Grima can no longer copy Olg Hai trolls

- Increased the region for detonating the Helms Deep culvert slightly
- Gandalf the White should start with the XP from Grey now
- Easterling Archers 'Viper Mode' Model
- Dunlending Hero Abilities Have been verified
- Isen Olog Hai can only be trained if Orthanc does not fall before Sarumon gains level 10
- Minor Lothlorien 'Warden Tent' Pathing Blocker change
- Elves Starting Cinematic fixed

- Increase Z height slightly on Control Point(edited)

Download: LOTR: Conquest 28 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com


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Isengard Smaller.jpg

LOTR Conquest 29 - Change Log
(By Marshmalo & T-Gleds)
Download Link: LOTR: Conquest 29 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com


- Minas Morgul and Baradur factions have access to a shared event: The Corsairs of Umbar.
Both players can trigger this event after 10 minutes, which grants acess to the southern Umbar base, and a new hero. This also grants access to the construction of Blacksail ships, and opens up the game for some sea battles down south.
Gol'd Amroth players should ensure their shores are safe or risk an invasion from Umbar Corsairs.
- Both evil and good players can take control of the shipyards and build their respective factions ships.

- Arwens Ultimate has a new icon and has been renamed "Breath of River Bruinen" (This was the River which Legolas/Arwen summons the water horses against the Nazgul).
- Sarumans Blink has been replaced with a "Return to Isengard" as his escape spell. (This is to encourage more use of Saruman within the walls of Isengard).

- The "Espionage" Class has been added to certain units. These units are designed to penetrate enemy territory and act as scouts or harrass units. They have the "Sabutage" ability which targets an enemy Campfire or healing well. (This ability has been added to help provide a counter to the tactic of blockaging players inside their own bases or massing campfires.)

- Minas Morgul now has a Dry Moat and a Bridge at it's enterace (To better resemble it's appearance in the movies and add to its defense).

- Legolas's Aimed shot has been replaced with an AOE damage spell (With both legolas and Haldir having aimed shot, it was too easy to snipe enemy heroes.)

- A day night cycle has been added to add some visual variation, more light emiters have been added to lightup Middle Earth during nightime. Day/night cycle does not serve any tactical purpose and is visual only.


- Elven Guard Towers gold cost increased from 20 to 35. (These costed less than a standard Archer unit and where way too cheap to mass).
- All capitals now cost gold to repair.
- Towers can no longer be built on the inner ramparts of Helms Deep.
- Galadriels Mirror has a Dispel Magic ability. (This has been added to counter the Tactic from Dol'Guldor players to constantly summon spiders into Lorien and aim down Mallorn trees.)
- Cost of Grima Worntongue recruitment reduced from 200g to 150g. (He needs a buff, but not sure how yet.)
- Base target aquisition range decreased from 1800 to 1500 (To allow better control fo armies).
- Number of Orcs Summoned by Grond's Vanguard ability have been increased from 6 to 8, also summons 4 Orc Archers.
- Ambush Tactics Speed aura will not effect siege units (No more super fast catapults)
- Damage dealt from Mordor, Isengard and Lorien, Gondor/Dol Amroth city towers has been reduced. (This is to stop endless Sieges where defender seems to hang on forever and results in a stalemate).
- Elven Mallorn Trees can no longer attack.
- Sheelob has +200 hp.
- 6 Wall Archers have been added to Gondor.
- Mouth of Sauron's Dark Helm invlnerable spell has had its cooldown increased from 80 seconds to 120 seconds.
- Isen Ballista Fortifications can now be repaired
- Invisible and scout units are now filtered out of the 'Command Banner' 'Attack Move All' ability
- Damage of Morgul watchers decreased from 42 to 32.


- Grey gets a non intrusive message displayed when Saruman enters Isengard.
- Added more mist and clouds arounds mountains.
- Scout Spiderling has a different model.
- Reduced number of event notifications to all players (changed most of them to be displayed to only the nearby players, feel free to modify if you'd like)
- Quest 'Game Guide' updated again

- Control Banner item dropped on fortress death. DO NOT PICK UP, only works for fortresses and cannot be dropped
- Fix -lumber command calculation to take into account recently built Furnaces
- Aragorn 'Anduril' Ability -Berserker Requirement
- Balrog 'Consume Campfire' was broken, but now works
- Gandalf the White Multiple Event Bug
- Imrahils Swan Knights ability has correct icon
- Hobbits no longer have fly movement.
- Updated hero group 'priorities'.


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big fan of any star wars or lotr themed maps ! i like them more w3 or some reason w3 lore is full of shitty blizzard plotholes


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LOTRC 30 Change Log

- 6 item slot Mains added
- Observer Slots Fixed, Added Dunlending view to Obs
- Shortened days to 6 minutes from 15 minutes
- Intro turned back on
- Transfer control of a dropped player notification at start, should work

- Re-Pathed near Minas Morgul entrance and behind Helms Deep, some unit cracks existed
- Control Banners no longer dropping
- Fortresses can no longer drop the ring
- Puchasing potions fixed

- Gondor Ships Move (was never bugged)
- Fixed Hobbits 'Sabutage'
- King Theoden ability icon locations fixed
- Hobbit Scout immune to ranged fixed
- Beorn hero 'Animal Kinship' bear model bug cannot be fixed
- Fixed Galadriel Thunderstorm, now Thunderstorm units move
- Increased auto attack range of Galadriel windstorms, should make them auto attack now.
- Gwahir Elf Armor added

- Isengard Wall Ballistas can move - (was never bugged / could not replicate bug)
- Grima abilities all working properly
- Berserkers net duration was not broken
- Orc Banner and Olog Hai Hotkeys updated
- Corsair of Umbar event no longer transfers ownership of nearby critters
- Grond Leadership aura stacking fixed
- Removed 'demolish building' from grond
- Nazgul wraith form priority fixed

- Teal Knights - Heal not at full HP
- Ships range reduced to 1000 from 2000
- MS buff to Beornings
- Buffed all Rohan/Gondor 'Defenders' Abilities, and increased range
- Boromir's Horn Buffed to +6 Armor
- Gondor Lieutenant limited to 4
- Buffed 'Rally Soldiers'
- Replaced 'Defend' with 'Heal' on Gondor Lieutenant
- Added 'Ensnare' to Royal Guard
- Added a Level 2 Upgrade to 'Warhorse Breeding' 100/150 gold
- Replaced Beorning 'Animal Kinship' with 'Howl', also should fix the bear model bugging
- Added a Level 2 upgrade to 'Twirling Blades'
- Added a Level 2 to 'Glory of Eorl' / 'Thunderous Hooves'

- Increased DG skeleton speed
- When Nazgul die, they lose 6 levels
- Made 'Taunt' non-hero
- Isengard mines now damage only enemiess
- Buffed Dark Ranger 'Defiled Mode' AOE damage
- Dol Guldur Orcs now start with 'Defend' Ability
- Dol Guldur Spierlings now have permanent invisibility
- Added Dol Guldur 'Morgul Spirits' Ability
- Buffed Morgul Binding to 120s cd

- Added Campfire model night time light emitter


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LOTRC 31 Change Log

- Naval stream now exists to Dome of Stars Bridges
- Increased Easterling Upgrades Cost
- Deleted 'Spirits of Dol Guldur' ability
- Granted 2 Boats to Dol Amroth at Umbar Event
- Moved all Gollum spawn regions, same number of regions
- Blackroot Vale Archers have Sabutage in Scout form (been there a few patches now)
- Added 'Dispel' to Gondor Lieutenant Unit

- Player disconnected control
- Grond Racecar
- Dol Guldur/Dol Amroth Leaver: +300/600 Gold Bug, and Heroes no longer despawn
- Minas Morgul dead, food supply
- Fortress Control Banner Drop
- 'Taunt' doesnt work on elites since it was set to non-hero (elites have 'Magic immunity'). Reset 'Taunt' to affect heroes
- 'Taunt' cooldown on Trolls was at 16 seconds BUG (set back to 60 seconds)
- Edoras Goldenhall shopping 'Select User' arrow removed
- Lurtz Ultimate Ability Shared cd
- 'Sabutage' only works on enemy campfires. Does not work on Adv Campfire. Tooltip added
- Moving Isen Wall Ballistas / Wall Archer
- -nenya command not bugged and was working
- All campfires/wells potions sales working
- 2nd Gandalf the White bug was present within 6 second window
- Gandalf the White Gold Cost Bug
- Elven Archer Invisibility - COULD NOT REPLICATE
- Obs leave and Good side reward - COULD NOT REPLICATE

- Mumakil 'Taunt' does not work on heroes / elites
- Gondor Lieutenant nerfed to 1000 HP
- Nerfed Boats again
- Increased cost of Hobbit Scout to 20 gold since they can cast Sabutage
- Buffed range of Elfhelm 'Marshals Strike' Q to 450 / Air

- Changed Corsair Hero model to dark hero glow
- New Gollum Model


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Isengard Smaller.jpg

LOTR Conquest 32 - Change Log
(By Marshmalo & T-Gleds)
Download Link:


New dramatic dialogue sounds have been added!

Unique sounds will play to certain players during the following events
- When Grond is summoned. (Owning player only)
- When Isengard summons their "New Power Rising ability" (Owning player only)
- Isengard Saruman unique starting dialogue. (Owning player only)
- Eagle summoned/Eagle dies. (Owning player/All players)
- Good or Evil fortress is destroyed. (All players)
- When Witch King is summoned. (Owning player only)
- When new heroes/events become available at capital. (All players)
- There is also a new intro speech dialogue played for evil players.

- Gondor factions have a dedicated caster to replace the Gondor lieutenant. The White Tower Priest has the same spells as the Lieutenant.

- Observers can now talk freely. If a player has left the game, an Observer can permanently take control of the leaver player. (Not tested in multiplayer yet, please report bugs!).


- When Sauron is summoned, the ability to use the Eye of Sauron at Baradur is disabled.
- Repair Gold cost and repair time have been increased for all gates. (It was possible to endlessly repair gates and prevent enemies from gaining entry.)
- Gold trade standard amount increased from 10 to 50 (For people that prefer to use the regular gold transfer UI).
- Umbar warriors have had their movement speed increased, Corsairs also have an additional +1 base damage.
- Isengard starts with an additional +50 lumber to help get their lumber harvesting operation started.
- Variag Riders attack type changed from normal to piercing (This was why they were so good at aiming down enemy heroes, normal attack type deals alot more damage to heroes.)
- Ringwraith Demi heroes Fel Blade no longer effects heroes.
- Corsiar Hero Angamaite's, Ambush Tactics aura has been replaced with a different ability (This allowed Morgul player to have stacked movement speed bonus and become very fast at later game.)
- The duration of DG's Morgul blade hero ability has been reduced on enemy heroes at later levels (duration is now only 1 second even at level 4). However, duration against non-hero units has been increased.
- Gold cost of Orc Warrior post Endless armies upgrade decreased from 7 to 6. (Considering the cost of this upgrade is 250g, you have to produce a huge amount of Orcs just to make your money back.)
- Mana cost of Orthanc's Palintir decreased from 100 to 50, mana cost of Send Forth ice spell decreased 250 to 200.
- Sauron Ring hero base HP regeneration decreased a lot from 2.00 to 0.25.

- Legolas's Orb of Iluvatar ability has been redesigned and buffed.
- Oath Beaker creeps within paths of the dead are slightly easier to kill.
- Aragorns Army of the Dead mana cost reduced from 175 to 100. (Aragorn has some good abilities but they all seem very mana intensive).
- Elven Balistras HP has been reduced from 500 to 400. (These Balistras have more DPS and longer range than human siege units, so they have been made more vulnerable.)
- Cooldown for defenders of Helms deep increased from 2 minutes to 3.
- Max mana of light bearers increased from 200 to 250.

- When good or evil are down to just one Fortress left, bounty gold income is turned off for both teams. (This may sound strange, but this is to stop endless final sieges, defending players can fend off attacks from huge enemy armies as they gain so much gold from just holding with their heroes, this is to ensure final battle sieges end within a reasonable timeframe and do not end in a boring stalemate.)
- Improved Siege upgrade HP bonus decreased by 25 for each level (150-125, 250-225)
- Day/Night cycle time increased from 6 minutes to 9 minutes (Days and nights feel like they are over too quickly.)
- Speed of ships has been increased slightly.

- The following Ranger/Espionage type units have been standardized at 450 movement speed in normal mode and 522 movement speed in scout mode. (This is to increase their effectiveness at scouting and harassing).
- Dark Ranger
- Ithilien Ranger
- Woodland Ranger
- Blackroot Vale Archer

- The One Ring has been made harder to find and harder to bring back to your fortress, this is to encourage teams to fight over its control. The following changes have been made:
- The ring no longer provides a stat increase to the bearer, the carrier will now suffer a corrupting effect: they suffer -35% speed bonus and slowly lose life over time. (Of course this does not affect Ring Heroes).
- Locate the Ring, ability has been removed from Pink and Purple (Players should actively go find the Ring if they want it).
- Invisibility on ring duration reduced from 60 to 20 seconds.
- Any teleport abilities are disabled while the ring is picked up.

- Added a "-test unit" command in single player testing.


- There is a new sky beam effect for when Minas Morgul uses its global heal spell.
- Gandalf the Grey has a new staff icon.
- The Dome of Stars building within Osgiliath will display a good or evil banner depending upon which faction currently controls it.


- Grond can no longer enter transport.
- Legolas's Orb of Iluvatar ability has fixed icon.
- Chieftain Wulf I, Lord of the Dunlendings now properly removed from the game when dead.
- Witch King has his portrait back.
- Witch King Model skin textures have been reduced in size to save space (Map file size is becoming quite large!)
- Rivendell Textures have also been reduced in size and quality.
- Player camera Far Z range increased from 7000 to 8000 to reduce camera clipping when viewing Minas Tirith.
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