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Minecraft Server mod Suggestions


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Hello, guys, I and my Best friend is putting up a Whitelist Minecraft server for 1.12.2 whit mods so while he is setting it up and making sure all is safe. I will let you guys get the chance to get some mods you like on the server. but not all mods you suggest will get on the server there are some steps the mod most get frow first. I will ad the suggested mods name under what stage it's on so you don't have to wonder how far I have come to look up the mod and test it so you don't have to ask.

1.no commands in the mod or the mod itself let people get the chance to use commands that can be unfair.
2. I will test it on single-player and read about the mod if there is no information about the mod and it looks like it does no do mutch it will be refused.
3.it should be fun or add more things to the game.

if they make frow all dis steps my friend will hear what I have to say about the mod and if he thinks it's okay when it's allowed and I will only tell him about mods i like and i think would be fun on the server.
Suggested mods that made it: