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Not the real Emperor! - EmperorFawful


Burn it!
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Yeah, another newbie on BotR and - for which some of you might hate me - another German.
I actually was before active on diplomunion since one year, as some of you might know my name, before Smyl convinced me to join the clan - and so did I, unaware of all those great people I met on TS. So before people say I came just because of Harald to BH: nope, not the case! But it was still a nice surprise for me that he joined the clan at a certain point as well. :)

I'm also the guy, who writes here the longest texts, as you might already see. People hate me for this on YouTube and diplomunion (Ordo never forgives), while others seem to like it. Since nobody forces you to read my text, I give you the choice upon hatred or joy. ;)
When I am on Warcraft 3 in the Clan games, I normally play L:TA, which is so far my favorite custom map, but I play as well all kinds of Azeroth Wars and spawn-based games like War in the Plaguelands or Glory of the Horde.
As a former map maker myself, I might come up in future with a bigger project, but can't promise it for now. Depends on my morale.


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You could be my Empror :)
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