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Red Backup base and back heroes

Leon Volcove

New Member
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So just i know i am doing some stupid experiment, Playing as solo

1. I am playing as purple(THE ASHBRINGER!!!!)

So i lvl him up into lvl 15 and pinnacle of asbringer achieved then i am thinking some stupid idea, Turning barean westwind into mal ganis and try to use his army to crush red and have him into backup base in the scarlet monastery, but it did not work perfectly

2. I lvl up saidan before commint into barean, lvling him into 12 and gain crimson templar and galford also retook sthralhome from scourge and naxxramas too. Then i commit barean into lvl 10 then move his forces from tyr's hand to crimson throne, hall of light, the hoard, etc etc.

Then after all done i notice red gain a backup base BUT only 1 hero, Paine. Did i have make the default red heroes(Saidan, Malor, Demetria, Willy) dead first before destroy red base or i can use them all plus backup heroes?