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Name: Rosri
Title: Soldier
Race: Human
Age: 29
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Born into a non important village in an unremarkable family, Rosri was just a normal girl. Her parents were simple farmers, corn and wheat were what they worked on their land.
Hard labour for days without end. When Rosri was old enough she had to help them as much as she could. It was expected for a child to help their parents, and so she did. No complaining or talking back, she saw this as how life was. Work on weekdays , pious mass during the weekends. The local church was her only solace from work , it became the most joyous thing she experienced during these early days of her life. Memorizing the psalms, songs and holy texts. The many deities intrigued her beyond end, their depictions inside the church were something she relished in. When she got old enough and got word of the call to arms for faith and country , she did not hesitate. Armed with a rosary , simple weapons and some food she set off.


Aspect of divinity.

Creation of divine and lightning weapons at will.

Power Level 2: