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Some ideas about LTF


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So, I have been playing LTF since 0.33 version, and I have a few ideas about new paths and factions.
Firstly, new CotD path. When LK betrays Legion, Cult can choose, stay allied with LK and Scourge or support Burning Legion. If he chooses to support Legion, Cult loses his Monstrosity, loses a few unit types, but gets new, more focused on Fel magic Tech tree, new heroes (for example Anetheron and Azgalor or maybe that Lich from Twilight of Gods, I forgot his name.). Also Kel'Thuzad gets ability to summon Legion from level 8, but only as a Lich, and only with a book. If he successfully summoned Legion he gets a 2 level bonus, + resources, + third or fourth hero. This path is available if Horde faction betrayed Legion or if Legion have no Dreadlords at all.
The concept of a new Faction - Kingdom of Azeroth.
King Varian Wrynn
Sir Bolvar Fordragon
Katrana Prestor
After researching an upgrade - Benedictus
If Varian dies than can get Anduin.
Twilight Kingdom
If Katrana reaches level 10 and Varian and Benedictus are alive, she can reveal here true form, subdue Varian and transform Stormwind into kingdom of Twilight. Loses Bolvar, Varian becomes weaker, Katrana shifts to her true form, Benedictus gets Dark spells instead of light. At level 12, Benedictus can free N'Zoth. in Nialotha.
True Kingdom
If Varian reaches level 12 he can break out of Katrana control and restore peace in the Kingdom. Loses Katrana, BD or TH gets her as a Demi-Hero, Varian becomes stronger and reviable, Benedictus is purged, all units get a little boost. After this, a subpath is unlocked - New Alliance.
New Alliance
If the DG have gone Scourge, Azeroth can restore the Alliance. Draenei, Dwarf, Night elves, Worgen can join the New Alliance. Azeroth gets new, enhances units + resources +new hero maybe?
If the Argent Dawn has been triggered, and Azeroth researched a special upgrade, Bolvar will be teleported to Borean Thundra, a new base near Valiance keep will founded + group of units + a few ships.
If Bolvar dies to Scourge/LK/Cult, Scourge can ressurect him, if LK dies and Bolvar is alive, Scourge can go New Scourge path, but I am already tired, so this will be discussed in another post.
Finally, the reason to add new Paths/Factions.
The Cult has only 2 paths, thats not enough. :) Seriously, there are three major forces: Scourge, Legion forces and Alliance. All players must have option to go to all three forces.
I think that Azeroth must be addead because yellow is being completely overwhelmed in south, because he fights 1v3 or 1v4. With Stormwind It would be more fair.
I also think about adding new faction to other team. Maybe Horde forces in Eastern Kingdoms?