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The War of the Ancients


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Update 12 /11 2019 Alpha Patch 0.0.8

After a long weekend away and some time playing around with the map in the reforged editor to see how things compared its time to a status update.

Changes and Updates

Terrain Changes.

Reterrained Greens Capital making it larger and more defend-able previously it was just 3 rectangles.

Reterrained Reds Capital making it smaller but reducing the entrances and making the centre building more protected added two new powerful towers on either side to help with defence.

Major Reterrain of Darkgreens Capital Blackrookhold was simply too large and what i scaled the broken isles from something mentioned by testers was that the map felt too big so I split its former space into a new smaller base that is now the only route into the northern isles for the legion without going the long way around.

Added a new zone for Dark Green west of Black rook hold in the now vacant space with creeps and control points to support their early game economy as Dark Green seems to have a harder time expanding compared to his allies.

Added the Dragonblight as a zone and Wyrmcrest Temple as a late game base for the resistance which comes along with their tier 3 Heros the dragon aspects, Wyrmcrest is an exposed and vulnerable base but protected by six powerful Dragonkin which must die before it can be destroyed.

Added northern Borean Tundra along with the Nexus which is purples new base which comes with Malygos.

Due to complaints about the map size and a lack of content in those areas currently I have blocked off access to Pandaria Zandalar and everything south of Ferelas untill later versions where I will Likely re terrain those areas.

To Do List for 0.0.9

Add all the tier 3 heros for each faction.
Redo all the pathing blockers for the map due to pathing issues.
Rework / Balance each factions roster






GrimmHeart Darksbane
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Hey if you still intend to work on this project after Reforged I suggest you don't bother making walls as you'll prolly change those with Reforged
If you're not aware you already got a couple of wall sets available, one human and one elven


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War of the Ancients Alpha 0.0.9 --- Last of the Alpha versions.

Can't really say this is in Alpha anymore since I have added all the basics and and recovered what has been lost so many times due to technical and machine issues. Progress has been slow atm due to a lot of real life stuff but I have finally got round to getting what i wanted done for 0.0.9. Not much new content but all the tier 3 heros are in the Map and each faction has at least something new.

The Future of the map will be 0.1.0 the first Beta version which I will add the Naga as a faction path for one of the evil team. As for reforged I suspect I will port it over due to how many unique hero models and Highborne buildings are available to replace custom models and add more diversity to each roster currently a lot of factions still use placeholder assets for heroes anyway however I will hold that off until official release and blizzard has worked out any launch kinks.

---Terrain changes---

Removed every pathing blocker and redid them all again hopefully this time I got all the gaps.

--- General Additions ---
Added an introduction text period for each faction at the start of the game giving a bit of context to the faction and what you should / might do like in Awlr / Lta.

---Balance changes---

Gave each faction 300 starting gold speeding up the early game and giving every player gold enough to get a small starting force.
Increased the starting number of units for each faction previously it was four infantry and 2 hero 2 elites.
Reduced the life of all heros to see how this impacts game play testers felt heros were to hard to kill.
Increased the base attack of all spellcaster units due to their minimal output and many factions depending on them as a lot of their roster.

---Bug Fixes---

Removed the lumber cost from necromancers.
Added the missing limitation of felbats for yellow allowing him to train unlimited felbats.
Reduced the number of trainable fel bats for the Red and yellow from 8 to 6.
Removed broken W for teals dreadlord elites.
Oranges elites now cost the right amount 50g rather than 14g.

---New Content--- &--- Changes -----

Red -- Satyr

Can gain Xavius after 20 minuets have passed powerful hero with death and decay as an ultimate.

Blue -- Sisterhood of Elune

Can summon the life binder at 20 minuets tier 3 hero. Gains access to two red dragons once researched.
Increased the base attack of wardens to 32 and increased there armour gain by 1 to 3 each upgrade.

Teal -- Zin-Azshari Highborne

Can now capture Black Rook Hold gaining it as a base.
Can Summon Archimonde the defiler at 20 minuets powerful Melee/caster hero.

Added dark arrow to teals dread-lord elites as the new W in place of lifesteal.

Purple - Suramar Night Elves

Added two power generators on either end of Suramar which need to be desultory before the night hold is vulnerable to compensate for it being so out in the open.
Added Maylgos as the tier 3 hero for purple can only be gained so long as the nexus is alive and under your control. Can train two blue dragons after research.

Yellow - Burning Legion

Added Kil'Jaeden as tier 3 hero unlock able after 20 minuets have passed.
Reduced the duration of Hakkars level 1 Q it was previously 12 seconds far higher than intended.
Added a 16 unit cap on Pitlord world breakers.

Frost Armour now correctly requires tier 2 caster training.

Orange - Druids & Forces of Nature

Added Ysera as the tier 3 hero for orange when 20 minuets have passed.

Added the abilities for Cenarius he had default keeper abilities.

Green - Diremaul Highborne

Swapped the summons of Necromancers and Green Elites, Necromancers now summon skeletal warriors, Elites now summon skeletal archers.
Replaced Greens warlock Q, and W, Q is now searing arrow rather than fire bolt. W is now summon sentry ward rather than death pact.
Added Prince Tortheldrin as the tier 3 hero for green unlock able after 20 minuets have passed.

Pink - Royal Court
Added new research to unlock Illidan rather than automatically lose Azzinoth when dark green researches his tier 2 hero.
Added Queen Azshara as tier 3 hero unlock able after 20 minuets have passed, powerful hero reliant upon possession of the well of eternity for her strongest abilities.
Handmaiden cost reduced to 18 down from 40 stats remain the same.

Centuar - Added Deathwing for grey should he go centaur this option will form the alliance with the Naga forming team old gods.
Ordos is now the tier 3 hero for grey, while Dungard Ironcutter is now the tier 2 hero acting as representative of the earthen.

Added searing arrow to centaur archers they had Mana but I had forgotten to add the ability.


Can gain Wyrmcrest temple at 20 minuets a large base in the north.
Can send an expedition to Tanaris to gain the help of the Bronze Dragon Flight gains the timeless one. Can recruit two bronze dragons also.
Edit : Adding right file to post.


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War of the Ancients patch 0.10

20 minuet path for player pink gives yellow the well of eternity and removes all of pinks other units and Hero's.
The Naga roster isn't to far other traditional depictions basically a modified campaign with some additional spells and units.
Future plans for team old gods is to have each player seek the boon of a particular patron god(N'zoth for pink) C'thun for Grey still thinking of the details).
I also plan to give the remaining factions something to compensate the loss of an ally.
All Naga units apart from heros and workers can swim across what little water exists on the map giving them greater mobility than most races.
In order to prevent the Naga from swimming into the sealed off sections of the map I have put pathing blocks in certain water routes.

Units (Worker / Temp Form - Milita )
Melee (Mythridon)
Ranged (Snap Dragon)
Siege (Dragon Turtle)
Caster ( Couatl / Naga Siren / Tide Maiden / Mind Flayer)
Elite (Naga Royal Guard)

Gains new Heros Lady Vash / Abilties ( Mana Burn (Q)/ Mana Shield(W)/ Brilliance Aura(E)/ Tranquillity (R))
Warlord Zon'ozz (Howl of Terror (Q) /Void Slam (W) / Unholy Aura / Summon Forgotten One (R))
Queen Azshara ( Conjure Tide (Q Stampede) / Illusion (Mirror Image at tier 3 they do full damage) / Mass Charm (E) Stops all attacks in target area for a short duration)/( Mass Barrier (R Big bad Voodo)

---General Changes & Bugs ---

Added the Naga path for Pink which grants him a full roster of units and new heros.
Gave int item from shop the right price of 50 rather than 500.
Caster upgrades now grant a baseline 60 rather than 40-60 health. Caster Upgrades cost reduced to 80 down from 100.
Added all missing tool tips for buildings and upgrades.
Pandaria and Zandalar remain inaccessible for the most part still however added Vash'jir as the spawning position for the Naga path bellow Purple and Blue with a small outpost in darkshore.

---Terrain Changes ---

Added moutains to seperate azshara and winterspring previously two bridges were there connecting the zones through blues base.
This will add distance between both sides capitals giving green time to build up and head north encase blue attempts to rush red down in the first 10.
Added Vash'jir as the starting zone for the Naga path located bellow the grand temple of Elune meaning a defection will still put pressure on the good team.
Vash'jir has a goblin merchant allowing pink to procure a scroll of teleportation should he require it.
--- Playable Race Changes ---


Limited infernal production to 16.
Reduced the health of satyr drudges to 380 down from 400.
Buffed the base damage of idols of rage to 18 reduced the food cost to 2 down from 3.

--- Blue ---

Alexstraza now has her R previously missing from her abilities.

---Purple ---
Increased the damage of dusk watch constructs from 8 to 18. Increased attack speed in line with caster units. Changed armour type to fortified.
Added Hippogryph riders to dusk watch garrison now purple has basic air units.

--- Yellow ---

Added six towers around Mac'ree to delay the legions conquest of the temple to give grey more time to unite highmoutain.


Removed small outpost in Darkshore to make room for Naga it had no purpose regardless due to being situated so close to oranges Ashenvale base.
Added several ancient protectors around Ashenvale and Darkshore to give orange vision and a heads up to any invasions.

moon wells now provide 10 food rather than 0.
Buffed the health of all ancient demis that come with mount Hyjal, may add more later on.

Added Naga Path to player pink at the 20 minuet mark.
Loses control of all forces and assets gains Vash'jir with new units and hero becomes a full faction rather than simply a hero/ elite squad.

May form alliance with Centaur Grey.
Added new damage / defence upgrades for pink which only need gold to take into account his inability to gather wood before going Naga to

compensate for this Naga buildings have a higher lumber cost compared to other races.
Unlike all other races Naga workers have militia allowing pink to militarise them in emergency, in this form they are a footman equivalent.
Naga Sirens are limited to 12 due to their E a long cool down charm to avoid mass stealing in engagements.
Dragon turtles are limited to 5 compared to other races siege which is limited to 6.

Removed the lumber cost from lumber mills.
Added the ability to return lumber to Maraudon.
Added two death towers to Mauradon which will belong to grey once he turns centaur.

Can ally with the Naga and acquire deathwing.

---Dark Green---
Dark green is supposed to be the strong melee of the good faction while other races melee focuses on defence or siege.

Added cleave to dark greens huntresses as an upgrade from barracks (0.15%) of damage.
Added war training health upgrade for dark greens infantry at the barracks.
Added the missing food production from storehouses allowing dark green to get food from other sources besides capitals and castles.

Planned Future Objectives ( Being Making the required changes in the reforged editor)
Add lore relevant items for each faction that can be earned throughout the game such as Broxxars axe and the sceptre of the tides.
Add victory conditions involving the well of eternity potentially will see how map develops.
Add new factions to the map involving the south (Pandaria / Zandalar)
Re terrain Zandalar / Zin Azshari / Suaramar/ Temple of Elune using the new assets.


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War of the Ancients Patch 0.1.1

After a small test of version 0.1.0 before the game crashed for everyone the cause of which I am still investigating and so far been unable to replicate I have decided to release this update implementing changes from the feedback given post game.

---General Changes---

Most faction start with 100g income exceptions are Gray yellow and pink.
All factions aside from pink start with three workers and a lumber mill equivalent near a good lumbering spot.
All factions now have a summon workers items on heroes.
Added a shop building for every faction so that they can acquire items on the go, will have less items than the goblin merchants.
5G cps have been removed from the map due to how little gold is available around the centre and replaced with higher value ones.
All faction Elites have had their spells reworked in order to reduce duplicate abilities between factions and rosters.
Elites now have Hero Damage and Hero Armour types.
All heroes should now cost 0 food rather than values ranging from 0-3.
All units with high collision size have had their collision reduced a tad in hopes of smoothing movement.
Player shops have a lesser scroll of teleportation cheaper than the goblin scrolls however can only transport 16 units at a time meaning they must be spread about between heros to be as effective.

---Terrain Changes---

This version has seen all of the area surrounding Zin-Azshari redone Aszuna and Zandalar were reduced in size to add two new zones around the capital in the south along with the western side redesigned in order to improve the legions early game and allow the addition of more creeps and control points.

Blocked off Mulgore at the start and the two control points there reducing the income potential in southern west kalimdor until centaur path is triggered.

Re added the bridge connecting Suramar to south Azsuna which connects to the new snowy zone allowing both the forces of good and evil alternative routes than simply fighting in Azsuna.

----Faction Changes----

Red now gains a base in the northern barrens when they research the forward outpost upgrade alongside the base in Ashenvale.

Added a new base in the new area south east of Zin Azshari.


Duskwatch Statue now costs 2 food down from 3.


Gave yellow a new base south west of Zin Azshari in place of greens old outpost near Then'Ralore. in the echo isles spot.
Moved Hakkar to this new base and given him some starting units there to allow early game creeping beyond argus.


Increase Azsharas health was lower than intended.


Centuar Path now gains a base in Mulgore along with additional starting units giving them a stronger starting eco.
Centuar Elite Warstomp now has correct E Hotkey.

---Dark Green---

Gave Dark green the base near black rook hold previously owned by blue so dark green has more presence in the area and blue
has less incentive to stay east rather than heading west to fight green as intended.
Removed the upgrade requirements for huntress glaive upgrade which needed generic night elf requirements.

This will likely be the last patch for a while as there is another project I wish to develop in the reforged editor and will need to begin looking for work along with Christmas preparations. The map has never been protected so feel free to use it for what ever you want.