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The Wood


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Well, a great deal of you already know me from the old forums, but I'd just like to point out that I finally worked out registration on this new site. So, hey again everyone.

To those of you who do not know me... I'm a Warcraft III player mostly, at least in the Mapping Area. I rarely play the game, but prefer to develop my map projects, and let other people play them afterwards.
I started the project Wrath of the Earthwarden, but signed it over to the capable hands of Icethunderwolfes, due to lack of time/interest in the project. Currently I only develop my map The Rift, which is in a very early development stage, and smaller "for-fun" maps, that I might be uploading for the lols.


The Last Crusade shall visit even you!
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Well welcome again. Also If you want I can create the Rift forum for you again, just give me description of it and consider it done.