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Thedas The Dragons Age [Reforged Project]


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Project Thedas the Dragons Age

This was something I first attempted back when Inquisition was announced and I was hyped for the franchise however due to my inexperience and life I never really got around to finishing it, Now that reforged has a confirmed release date I have begone to remake the project. Like War of the Ancients this map will be akin to LTA/AWLR type maps however unlike my last project it will be a FFA rather than teams of 5v5.

The setting is the World of Thedas entirely rather than focusing on specific nations or locations such as Fereldan or Orlais. Every nation state that exists during the dragons age will exist within the Map and most will be playable nations however some will exist as friendly neutral states to all but the dark spawn factions such as the Kingdom of Rivian. The types of interactions players may have with these neutral nations has yet to be decided upon however they will have all territories and settlements that belong to those nations.

One mechanic I have begun to set the groundwork for is Focus trees a series or timed choices available to the player chosen by upgrading a building into the form the which represents the choice. This will be used to allow players the ability to specialise each nation into one of its core themes or determine the order that technologies units and upgrades become available depending upon your preference.

When it comes to alliances their two dark spawn players who begin the game allied and all other nations are hostile to one another. The ability for non dark spawn nations to ally and unally with one another if included at all may be restricted until late game so cooperation against dominating players is possible.

The playable nations of this map will be the following.

The Qunari (Red)
Situated in the top right corner of the map the Qunari are the safest nation their capital protected by the ocean and untouchable so long as they control the seas between Par vollen an the Main land. They settlements in both Rivian and Serheron allowing them to focus either on fighting Tevinter over the northern islands or expanding into mainland Thedas from Kontar. This faction has little in the way of magic due to their extreme xenophobia of it and few ways of combating it compared to other nations. However have Qatlok explosive powder which is effective against lightly protected units.

The Kingdom of Ferelden (Blue)
Ferelden is nation with a diverse range of cultures and races within its borders and this is intended to be reflected in its unit roster with their focus tree based around improving the Human Ferelden units or gaining the support of various factions within the nation such as the Dalish. Blue is intended to fight one of the two dark spawn factions and their early game revolves around tackling the threat of the blight. Blue is intended to be a relatively easy faction to start with due to an abundance of natural boundaries in between it and the other nations of Thedas.

The Kingdom of Nevarra (Teal)

Located in central Thedas split in half by the Minanter River this nation is expected to be one the hardest starts due to its position surrounded on all sides by other power houses such as Tevinter the Free Marshes and Orlais. Diplomacy is key in order to avoid being picked apart on all sides but this position is also a blessing in that it allows you to spread in any direction of your choice. Nevarra is one the great powerhouses of Thedas rivalling both Tevinter and Orlais and has a unique cultural focus on death due to the Mortalis Cult which will influence its game play style. Likely using many undead mechanics such as corpse collection to involve corpse management as a resource for abilities and units ect.

The Tevinter Imperium (Purple)

The oldest and most hated nation in the Thedas Tevinter is a Mageocracy ruled by a senate of powerful magi like Nevarra, Tevinters position is central with holdings spread out far and wide surrounded by many great powers. While protected by more natural boundaries than Nevarra the imperiums holdings are spread mostly along the coast leaving them vulnerable should control of the Nocen Sea be lost. Tevinters roster is focused on magic with access to more caster units and abilities than any other faction.

The Anderfels (Gray)

Located in the North West the Anderfels are relatively secure with only one land border with the nation of Tevinter this blight ravaged nation is intended like Ferelden to fight one of the two dark spawn players. The Anderfels are noted in the lore to be one of the most pious nations with its people second only to the Dwarves in constant battles with the dark spawn. Their unit roster will likely comprise of a few but strong grey wardens specialised in battling the dark spawn supported by some of the most battle experienced human armies outside of the Tevinter Imperium.

The Orlesian Empire (Wheat)

Seat of the Chantry and a nation which once held more of Thedas than any state besides the Tevinter Imperium in its peak the Orlesian Empire has fallen on hard times of late driven from Ferelden and rivalled by the Nevarran Empire in the north. While intended to be strong in the early game I expect many events will be added involving this faction which will create additional threats as the game progresses. As of writing this their focus tree is expected to focus on both the internal politics of the empire Celine vs Gaspard and the conflicts within the Chantry.

The Free marshes (Light blue)

A collection of city states often at war with each other as often as other nations of Thedas united these states could be a powerhouse. Each free marsh state is intended to focus on a particular unit type stark haven for example will focus on archers. While not possessing this state will not deny light blue that unit it is only by holding the the state of Starkhaven that the archer unit will be at full potential unlocking all of its abilities. This is to focus light blues game play around needing to unify and hold the free marshes while also to encourage light blue to attack a variety of nations in order to capture certain cities to be at full power.

The Dark spawn (Green & Dark Green)

The only two players to start the game allied to one another the early game of the dark spawn focuses on securing the deep roads and capturing certain early objectives player green is located in the south of the map intended to perform the role of the dark spawn involved in the fifth blight. Upon finding the arch deamon within the deep roads their faction rewards will encourage them to invade Ferelden and recreate historical events such as the fall of Ostagar and Lothering. Player Dark Green instead focuses on the Magisters Sidereal while not all yet encountered in the franchise games in the lore their titles are known as the Conductor of the Choir of Silence, Architect of the Works of Beauty, Watchman of Night , Forgewright of Fire , Appraiser of Slavery ,Augur of Mystery ,Madman of Chaos.

Dark spawn core mechanic and game play.

What sets the dark spawn apart from the other playable factions is all of their units will have recruitment caps the stronger the dark spawn the harsher the limitation the way the dark spawn are intended to be played is that they start with Gen-locks the weakest types. In order to recruit more than a handful of Hurt locks the dark spawn must destroy named cities and buildings each will increase the limit of the dark spawn form of that specific race Gen-locks for unconquered dwarven thaigs. Hurt locks for destroying a human city Ogres for destroying a Qunari city Shrieks for destroying an eleven city. This will make keeping the dark spawn in check an essential goal of any player as every city lost not only can't be reclaimed sorry light blue but also strengthens the horde.

I hope to share more as I get further into development and hope this project won't drag on for years like the last one did.




Antiva & Rivian


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New Years Update

I meant to post this on the 1st of January however I hadn't made enough progress that I felt was worth sharing. Over the last 12 days between life things and replaying dragons age origins I have made progress with the maps terrain and a bit with faction unit lineups. The areas that have had their first terrain draft completed are as follows. Serhanon, The Tevinter Imperium, The Free marches, With Nevarra being my current focus.

The Free Marches

As stated in the above post the Free Marches do not have units locked behind focus choices instead the limitations on some units and some abilities of certain units depend upon holding certain city states. The Free Marches will lack control over several city states much like Gray in WOTA the player will need to kill hostile units and a hero in each city state in order to gain control of that city. The current hostile cities at start are Starkhaven, Osterwick, and Hercina. Not all city states have a unit tied to them due to the abundance of city states in the lore however a great deal do. Wycome for instance allows a limited recruitment of stronger frigate ships and Kirkwall provides a small benefit for light blues Templar unit.


When deciding on a 9 player start for this project I knew that not all factions would have a 1v1 start Nevarra is the worse effected by this being sandwiched straight in the middle of the map as a nation with little room to expand uncontested. Because of this I decided to make their play style more defensive giving them access to free units thorough different methods (The First is Mortalitasi Spires a tower with a limit of 12 that can spawn Mummified Corpses. In addition to this both Nevarra city and Cumberland with have powerful towers to defend it.

On to towers.

Rather than them being produced like Mortalitasi Spires basic towers are set in specific spots and upon death turn into a ruined form that can be rebuilt for a lumber cost. Towers will have multistrike and a decent health pool and armour to make them notable obstacle much like in many spawn based maps. They will be present across the map with more located near cities and settlements with less in the countryside of Thedas.