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Tides of Conflict - War2 inspired Macro RTS mod for War3


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I've recently decided to test my map(s) for my War2 inspired Macro RTS mod - Called Tides of Conflict - more publicly, since I deem it now technically stable enough (no memory leaks, massive FPS drops, crashes etc..) to do so.


I. What is Tides of Conflict?

Tides of Conflict is a collection of maps for Warcraft III Reforged, which
aims to reimagine (or modernizse) the Gameplay of Warcraft II while
preserving the general feeling of Warcraft II (music, aambience, sense of
scale etc..).
While I was, and still am a big fan of Warcraft III, it never felt to me as
the true sucessor of Warcraft II.
Warcraft II felt to me like a fantasy version of a big World War where two
opposing set of Alliances clash with each other. You would be the
Commander of huge and massive armies, clashing in big epic battles with
the enemy.
Warcraft III felt to me to be smaller in scale, more of a adventure then a
militaristic Campaign. Do not get me wrong, it was very good. But I want
to offer people who wont put up the the very clunky and outdated
mechanics of WarII the same experience as I had as a child.
Overall I took some steps to streamline and simplify the Gameplay of WarII.
No more friendly fire to deal with, fewer but more powerfull upgrades,
farms provide more supply, and overall I gave it a more Starcraft II like
supply system.
Well that should be enough rambling from my side. Thank you for testing
my map and I hope you enjoy reliving the epic conflicts of the second war.

II. Getting started with ToC

Requirements to play:
- A vailid CD key for Warcraft III or a version of Warcraft III Reforged
preorded from the Blizzard store
- A english game client is strongly recommended
- I strongly suggest to turn off custom hotkeys
- the lastest version of my maps (Download link is accessible via the Tides
of Conflict Discord or this thread ) saved in your Warcraft III maps folder

At the moment there is only the World Conquest”map accessable, but
more maps will come in the future (old warII ladder maps ported over
in war3 with ToC Gameplay and assets and maybe even completly
original designs for meele maps, also more game modes for the World
conquest map are in the works, such as atrifact hunt, where the two teams
search for crucial magical artifacs, such as the Skull of Gul’Dan, the Eye
of Dalaran or the Jeweled Scepter of Sargeras. Also a Story Mode for the
World Conquest Map is planned, where each player get specific goals
dictated by Warcraft II lore.

III. Basic Gameplay of ToC
Tides of Conflict is a Macro based RTS (Real Time Strategy Game).
That means that base building, economy and production takes priority
over micromanaging individual Units.
In addition to that I tried to make the two races a little bit more diverse.
The Alliance focuses more on a more defensive style of play focusing on
getting tanky units with healing support while ranged units and casters
deal the most amount of damage possible to the enemy. Your priority should
be to protect and preserve your caster-ranged units to the best of your
The Horde on the other hand is focused on causing the biggest amount of
destruction possible. They have the highest amount of meele DPS and
cleave damage in the game. In additon to powerfull AoE spells of the Death
Knights and Dragons. But at the cost of a very limited amount of healing
and static defence.
Naval Warfare on the other Hand is completly mirrored, that means every
naval unit for both factions is equal with their counterpart.

IV. Hotkeys
Hotkeys in ToC are in a so called Grid Layout. That means that
starting from the top left corner it is QWER and in the second row
it is ASDF and in the third row it is ZXC. I have made a picture to
illustrate this.


V. The World Conquest Map

Goal of every Match of World Conquest is to reach 200.000 Points
before the enemy Team does. You get points for every Circle of Power your
team controls. The more Circles you control the more points your team gets
per Circle.
The folloing picture shows every position of the Circles of Powers and the
player Starting Locations


VI. Naval Combat

Since the World Conquest Maps contains Islands, I was forced to
implement naval combat. I have tried to make it more intresting, by
turning ships basically into mobile bases. You can hire parts of their
crew (workers and marine infantry) as land units and workers can return rescources
into ships.
Since this would make ships almost too powerfull, they have very long
building times and high supply costs. So be carefull not to build to many of
You can hire Shipbuilders at your Main buildings and at Shipyards. In
addition to the long building process of the regular Warships you can hire
armed Merchant ships in your harbor for gold, but they are very weak
compared to proper Warships, but you can still use them to secure
resources from Islands. You can also hire transport ships from the
Every ship except Transports can cast a naval bombardment once
anchored. The stronger the ship, the stronger is the bombardment. Each
bombardment costs mana, but ships can only regen mana when they are
near a shipyard

VII. Spells and Abilities of the Alliance

Note: I will not mention concrete damage and cooldown and mana cost
numbers. They could change often right now and I do not want to spend
alot of time just keeping it up to date.

Town Hall, Keep, Castle:
Call to Arms: calls up to 8 Peasants into the Building to shoot with
crossbows at the enemy.
Note: This ability will currently only work if the Town Hall is not building
anything or is not upgrading.

Ambush: Turns the ranger invisile permanently, unless they attack

Charge: AUTOCAST. Charges into the direction of the enemy, ministuns the
target unit. Knights will charge beyond their target if it is to close.
Note: I want to fix this that they will not charge beyond their target in the
future. But I hav not yet the math for it figured out correctly.

Essence of the Sunwell: AUTOCAST. Heals up to 5 nearby units.
Divine Interwention: Turns all nearby units invunderable for very short
ammount of time. The priest will die after finishing the cast.

Exorcism: AUTOCAST. Dispells friendly or hostile Units. Kills raised
Undead immediately.
Holy Light: AUTOCAST. Heals a friendly target for a large amount of Hit
Points. It has a short cast time.

Fireball: Deals a large amount of damage to a single unit and stuns for a
short amount of time
Frost Armour: AUTOCAST. Gives a friendly unit bonus Armour and if
attacked by an enemy, the enemies attack and movement will be slowed.
Polymorph: Turn the target into a sheep for a large amount of time.
Blizzard: Deals a large amount of damage to a small area.

War Wagon
Can transport up to 8 units.

Can see invisible units.

Scout Tower
Can see invisible units.
Note: only scout towers can. Guard and Cannon Towers can not see invisible units.

VIII. Spells and Abilities of the Horde

Great Hall, Stronghold, Fortress
Battle Stations: calls up to 8 Peons into the Building to hurl spears at the
Note: This ability will currently only work if the Great Hall is not building
anything or is not upgrading.

Troll Berserker
Berserk: Increases the attack speed, but the unit will take more damage
when hit.

Burning Oil: sets a small area on fire and deals damage over time to all
enemy units standing in it.

Ensnare: AUTOCAST. Ensares an enemy Air unit and it'll targeted as a ground unit for a short amount of time.
Cleave: Deals a part of the attack damage to every unit in front a short
distance of the Raider.

Shadow Priest
Siphon Life: Steals life from a enemy unit or transfers life from the Shadow
Priest to an allied unit.
Shadow Word Death: Sacrifices the Shadow Priest, and dooms a enemy or allied unit to certain death. If the victim dies, a shadow beast spawns that cannot be killed and has a lifeleech aura. The shadow beast dissapers after a medium amount of time.

Eye of Kilrogg: summons a controlable flying eye that can be used to scout.
Bloodloust: AUTOCAST. Increases attack speed and movement of an allied

Death Knight:
Deah Coil: Heals another Death Knight or deals a large amount of damage
to an enemy living unit.
Raise Dead: AUTOCAST. raises a corpse to fight for you.
Whirlwind: Summons a Tornado that damages buildings, slows enemy units
and hurls enemy unit into the air for a short amount of time.
Death and Decay: deals alot of damage to units in a small area. Does not
damage Buildings.

Can transport units
Can see invisible units

Watch Tower
can see invisible units.


Additonal Information:
Most of the custom sounds are taken from both WoW classic and War2.

Known issues:
When your workers are garrisioned in a Town Hall, and you produce something or upgrade the building, they can't leave until it is done. Unfortunately I ahve no idea right now on how to fix this. since this is a issue with the battle stations mechanic of War3 itself.

Thanks to hiveworkshop.com and world-editor-tutorials.thehelper.net for
their good World Editor tutorials and help.
The Warcraft 2 soundtrack was originaly composed by Glenn Stafford.
All the Warcraft 2 Music you hear ingame is remastered by BaDitO.
One of the Human Soundtracks is a completly original composition of
All the art was made by BaDitO.
All other assets (voices etc..) are taken from other Warcraft Games and
therfore made by Blizzard.
Map(s) and triggers made by BaDitO


If you're intrested of seeing some gameplay here is wtii playing my map in a full 4v4

and here is is zoomsf also playing it

Well that should be it, and I hope you'll enjoy the map(s) I create

Best Regards


I was unable to attach my maps to the thread since they are to large in size^^ you can download them from the hiveworkshop map development thread here
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I saw it on the stream!
will try and give feedback abt it once i play a few games


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Update 4b released:
Version 4b Updates:

Elven Ballista:
Food cost increased from 5 =>6
Damage upgrade bonus increased from 50 => 60
Gold cost increased from 3600 => 4000

Dwarven Inventor:
Increased Gold Cost from 3000 => 6000

Human Keep:
Reduced Gold Cost from 6100 => 3900

Human Castle:
Increased Gold cost from 7750 => 9950

Orc Stronghold:
Reduced Gold Cost from 6100 => 3900

Orc Fortress:
Increased Gold Cost from 7750 => 9950

Dev note: from my testing it has become obvious that Humans need their t2 more urgently then orcs do, Orcs are completly fine staying on t1 for a extended period of time - going for both expansion AND mass t1 units - while Humans really need to get Elven Mage priests for their healing ASAP to trade t1 units efficently with the orcs without tower support. A buff direct buff to human t1 seemed not to be the ideal solution, since once humans get healing they would just be straight up better then orcs. Therefore a price reduction on the t2 tech seemed to be the right solution. But on the other hand t3 got more expensive.

Goblin Sappers:
Are now buildable on t2

Dwarven War Wagon:
Are now buildable on t2
Gold Price increased from 1500 to 3000

All Towers:
Added +600 Hit points to all towers

Orc Raider:
Changed hitpoints from 900 to 1100

Changed hitpoints from 1100 to 1400
Reduced base Armor from 7 to 4

Changed hitpoints from 1100 to 1200

War wagons:
Changed transpored size from 4 to 8


Divine Intervention:
Mana cost decreased from 100 to 50
Duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds
Area of effect increased from 200 to 250

Death and Decay:
It is now based on Blizzard and deals 1000 absolute damage instead of percentage based damage. Does now also damage buildings.
Area of effect increased from 200 to 250
It should be now identical with blizzard from Mages.

Area of effect increased from 200 to 300

Damage decreased from 1000 to 500
Mana cost decreased from 75 to 50
stun duration increased from 2 to 5 seconds

Death Coil:
reworked: it's now based on Fireball with identical stats.