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well since new wow trailer has alot of plotholes i thought i could make thread about it


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ok what going to happen to death knight why werent the death knight there protect bolvar

what was bolvar plan for four horsemen and now hes dead do everything know

what bolvar did in legion is meaningless now hes dead?

so bolvar plot plot legion was no point???

what going to happen to bolvar daugther?
is bolvar giving her medan treatment ignore and acting like charterter dont exit and is not cannon anymore

ok im stupid altleast she was ingame medan never was he only on shitty comic book i never gave chance

while bolvar daugther made appearnce ingame so saying to me medan is not ingame i can live with that but
bolvar daughter uh no no no

i saw her ingame dont tell me shit she nto coming again

and dont give her stupid quick death with shitty lore reason

btw this all joke and i love blizzard :)