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WIP [REBORN] Changelogs:

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Peace's changes:

-Widened Scholo Entrance and removed a tower.
-All Plague Cauldrons in the Western Plaguelands can now be retaken by both Scourge and Crusade. Crusade Buildings don't spawn units, but have a regeneration ability that heals units by 200hp over 60sec if cast but is dispelled when they take damage.
-Changed Taleans Animation Speed
-Changed Barean's Icon
-Nerfed Renaults aura to 10/15/20 down from 10/20/30

Akechi's hotfixes:
Tried to fix certain areas that allowed access to the mountains. (Please post screenshots or details on the areas I've missed.)
Fixed Purples backup.
Added in an actual victory condition that doesn't require leavers.

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Changelog 1.5c WiP [Reborn]

-Harthal's backup should be fixed.
-Fixed pathing issues in eastern plaguelands being able to enter unpassable terrain
-Death and Decay no longer affects doodads/trees
-Fixed bug for Red Legion trigger still being able to ally Teal after Purified Saidan. (Red could still type -legion and ally Teal Legion after going Purified Saidan).
-Temporarily added in "Ammennar The Coldbringer" as an event for Gray to see how giving him a bonus hero for his level 12 event will work as he has the smallest "end game" hero squad.
-Removed elites spawning from outposts for all colors instead of just a few spawning elites. Spawns are adjusted to equal out to each player.
-All secondary bases are now "Invulnerable" until they're activated.
-Added some boundary in the Northernmost part of the Western Plaguelands right below Naxxramas to prevent sniping Pinks backup base.
-fixed bridge pathing
-fixed ashbringer event for Tirion
-fixed disease cloud stacking
-added a 1500 lumber revive cost for demis
-arcane/ice towers now cost 200lumber,
-nerubian towers now have feedback insead of slow
-added a tooltip for the best use of those towers (hero group/army)
-changed Raise Dead from 2/4/8 to 4/6/8 units
-Reworked Darkmaster Gandling and gave him his abilities from WoW
-removed stacking aura effects on units for better visibility
-added towers at naxx and eastern plaguelands
-updated the Saidan tooltip (for newer players)
-Spawn Upgrade now happens via research and takes more time on higher levels.
240/330/420/510 instead of 240/240/240/240
-Outposts at LV 0 now spawn twice units as before to make them a better option
at earlier spawn levels
-Reworked west plaguelands.
-Scarlet Monastery is now an interior dungeon and functions as a counterpart
to scholomance.
-Changed Cauldron Mechanics: Taken Cauldrons now spawn units for the Crusade
instead of their healing skill. Scourge Cauldrons therefore spawn more units

at higher levels. Also all Cauldrons apart from Dalsons Tears have less Towers
now. This is meant to make Scarlet Players advance more quickly and take as
many Cauldrons/Bases as possible, while Pink/Gray tactics are to defend long
enough unitl they can outspawn Scarlets.
-Cauldrons can now be destroyed by Risen
-moved more units from the other cauldrons to dalsons tears, also added some
Reworked bulwark area to fit the lore better:
-The Bulwark now is a takeable base that can spawn units for both factions and
is also a viable defense
-Old Scourge Bulwark has been replaced with Balnir Farmstead, also retakeable
-Old Scarlet Bulwark has been replaced with Scarlet Outpost, when killed it
generates an actual Outpost
= most bases in west are retakeable, this is to make camping in
Scholo/Monastery less likely and give players a reason for pushes.
-changed 5 build plots into towers at grays outpost
-added tower balistas for Tyr's Hand and Hearthglen which have higher health
than normal ballistas but can't be rebuild.
-fixed ALOT of invisible trees
-reduced costs for scout towers by 50% and increased their field of view
-added some spell effects



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WiP [Reborn] 1.51
Was just a quick bug fix version and etc.
1.52 will be some polishing and lag reducing along with a quick fix to the spawn lag.
1.53 will be bug fixing
1.54 will be balancing
1.55 will be the final fixups before 1.6
1.6 will be something along the lines of elites spawning based on which heroes are alive and being unique to certain heroes.


-Fixed Araj's level 12 event.
-Added a pathway between blue and DG.
-Scarlet Ballista Towers had no "unit classification", changed that to Mechanical so that should fix that.
-trying a fix for the revival cost.

Link to DL:
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