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I'm finally done with my service in the finnish army :)
right at the time i am about to finish high school :), its been long time , how was the camping and all that army stuff >.> because i think its about to hit me soon here in ma country :p
Rough but a nice experience. Mostly I enjoyed it because of all the people I got to know there.
im back guys you missed botr youi keep trying to keep away but you fucked by merging forums ;) i forgave all of you i missed bram51 the most the guy who kicked me from game and said i sucked w3 iforgave you my love ;)
Arlt, you're no longer an admin? But who will now be our Danish guy on the inside? There must always be...A danish king!
Congratulations, this is the first profile post on the new website. You have been blessed. Also, fuck you. <3
sweden is cheating using black immigrant to win beecause there know black man got swag ang get all voters
And yet we lost, just because of the people? xD
seems i was right on my ending on game of thrones and it was worst than i thought
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i love you banana, when do we see u again on ts?
what is this eurovison you guys talking about? is selena gomez part of eurovison if so she has my vote
if anyone wanna spoliers for ending of game thrones write to me private i got leaks on episode 5 6 and how the whole shit ends it free of charge it wont cost youi
btw i havent watched single game of thrones episode only clips of massie williams i have life and dont waste my time on medieval roleplaying